Decision Matrix (Over Time) IV

Page from a recently finished sketchbook

I have kept mostly silent for the past year as the general state of discourse has become impossible to transgress.

Discourse has not changed much, but my appreciation for it has. The grotesque state of our institutions has never been more obvious, yet without them there is nothing, and so still these crooks and cowards remain in power. Nothing means anything; no great speech is waiting to unify the world and art is just a market for the elite.

At this time last year, every voice was one of warning: This is not normal. Do not allow this to be normalized. While there is little evidence that anybody feels that this place in time is any sort of normal, the idea of what comes next is quite bothersome.

The 2016 election was the initial climb of a roller coaster, with election day being the first big drop. We’ve just now settled into the middle of the ride, twisting and turning with incredible speed. But the operator is drunk and the ride hasn’t been inspected in a while and the lights are flickering.

Posted to Personal at 09:07 on 16 November 2017

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