Try as I might, I just cannot find any way to properly describe these days. We are knee-deep in Accelerationism and we’ve about passed the point where our established, pre-digital languages no longer have the ability to easily (or even fully) represent some of the farcical circumstances our minute-to-minute experiences now endure.

Political hypocrisy is nothing new, but never has the government been so brash about which interests are truly being represented. The nominee for deputy director of the US Census Bureau thinks competitive elections are bad. The nominee to regulate the Department of Health and Human Services is under investigation for price-gouging insulin. The ex-Verizon lobbyist and current FCC chairman, days from voting to repeal Net Neutrality, is also trying to stop states from setting up their own individual Net Neutrality laws.

And this is only the news from this week. And it’s Wednesday.

Posted to Social at 22:34 on 22 November 2017

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