At some point soon—possibly after another viewing—I’ll have some things to say about The Last Jedi (though for now, this is pretty hilarious). What is on my mind right now, though, are ticket stubs.

This could be a generational thing, but I have no clue what the cultural adoption of digital tickets is like for kids these days. I have had times in my life where a ticket stub to one show or another was pinned to my wall for years. Do the youths screenshot things or what?

I mention this because, for this Star Wars post, my initial thought was to take a quick photo of the ticket stub, when I realized I didn’t have one. I have a couple texts from Fandango with QR codes attached. Sure, it lets me not stand in a line for 40 minutes, which is worth it, but there’s also a strange sentimental detachment there. Like these public gatherings are getting as anti-social as possible.

Maybe it’s just a desire to stay attached to that sentiment, but ticket stubs and tour posters are usually the only physical experience connecting us to a memory of an event. It’s a strange, small thing to lose that can contain a significant aspect of abstract human relationships to art.

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