Annual recaps are a strange thing. Some reads are very good and others very necessary. Most are recaps of recaps of popular culture and other entertainment. Yet, even though it was a solid year for movies, amidst this mass cultural judgment there’s a real question of What are we even doing?

Criticism itself is in a strange place, which might be one of the underlying themes of 2017. The killing of Net Neutrality, the class-war tax bill; even just this past month showcased prime examples of how power has separated itself from the consequence of negative public opinion—some of which comes from usually similar viewpoints.

(Obviously the year should end with an armed uprising in Iran while this asshole makes t-shirts, because that’s just how it’s been in 2017.)

I wonder if this is, perhaps, why opinions are given so much credence in our social structures now; as 2017 has shown, they’re all but meaningless in relation to our system of governance. We can only be critics of each other because those in power are all but admitting they don’t care what we have to say about them, 2017 or any other damn thing in the world.

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