The snow is all gone now

This was the year of questions. The Whats and the Whys of life, mostly. It wasn’t my most productive year, or my best—though I will say of what I did, some wasn’t bad at all.

& I suppose to some extent, I could take either of those views to a subjective extreme. That it was an honestly awful year isn’t dishonest; on top of everything exhausting in the news Real and Fake™, personal hobbies tended to vice—too much Netflix1, not enough painting, too much celebrating, not enough achievement—etc.

—there seems to come a time when living is half the experience and half interpretation. I’m pretty sure this time is for myself, now. This year. That the subjective negative is the enemy in times of chaos, and if any year were to define chaos it looks to be this one.

There were a few wins along the way, and perhaps it’s more about focusing on those than the loss as a whole. It’s a battle in and of itself. Ideas for plans for now. A new web-site, a new display for a beginning. Celebrations of arbitrary amounts of passed time aren’t totally my thing, but perhaps now is as good a time as any to say, Thank fuck that’s all over, let’s see what tomorrow brings

  • Since I did watch too much TV, one would think I would weigh in on these lists. There’s no point, though. Twin Peaks was so far beyond anything that has ever been on TV, now or ever before, that to even have it be in the same conversation as the rest of the year is kind of ridiculous. That being said, it is worth it to watch all 72 hours ofThe Leftoversfor the emotional weight of the finale alone. Carrie Coon should win every acting honor there is for that one.

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