Marcos & the shop as a reading room

We’ve been doing this a year and I just now realized there’s an entire website for First Friday events. Amazing.

Regardless, another month passes and somehow a single night remains to prove life has much to offer. These shows have become almost reliably amazing, and this was no different. Some documentation follows; there’s more out there.


Michelle & digital art by Anna

On the first Friday of every month, the Warehouse opens up to all, using any and all available space to showcase local artists, who come out to DIY install and then hang out for the night.

Communal art spaces have their challenges. Temperatures, leaky pipes, a lack of privacy, a lack of routine. But the ability to open it up and host a show, engage with local talent and get some quality work on the walls every month is about the greatest type of experience I can think of in a disassociated, passive and digital-oriented culture such as our own.

The Walls

Gallery walls & “Cruel Pigs

(I would usually take more photos, but I spend most of the night playing guitar with a varying group of musicians and instruments.)

Doug and Bernie

Doug & Bernie

There’s something powerful about any system existing outside of capital, and more so when it involves creative potential. These events are showcases of pure talent and imagination and, perhaps most important in this day and age, community. We don’t treat it as a machine, but as an organic, of-the-moment production. A human task; humanist art and no Facebook invites or Instagram location tags. Microphones that anyone can pick up and sing in to. Wall space for all who intend to show they have something to offer the world.

There isn’t much that I believe in these days, but this … this has something to offer. I wish I could figure out how to make it last forever.

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