The press coverage of Donald Trump is nauseating. I don’t write often about the administration, or nearly as often as it is possible, because the entire situation seems like a farce. Almost a year in to his administration and nearly the entire mechanism of our political discourse, from the media to the government itself, has returned to the same stupid back-and-forth meaninglessness that established the precedent for his run to begin with.

While debates about his mental state become normalized, Trump’s various work behind the scenes pose legitimate threats to the future. Our institutions of discourse and process are in tatters and it would take a massive movement of societal denial to move on without change.

When George W Bush expanded the role of the Oval Office and its executive reach, there was an outcry on the left until Obama was in office. Instead of balking at them, he doubled down. Figures who take over the most powerful position in the world will not cede any to back to the people.

At this point, all that is required is one mostly-stable, pro-traditional-American-values, pro-cop type to take the Oval Office and suddenly the image changes from a man-baby running around pushing random buttons to someone who knows exactly which buttons they want to push and there are no more mechanisms of social protocol left to stop them.

Posted to Social at 09:05 on 11 January 2018

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