America has been reduced to financial success being the only qualifier for authority that matters. A market-obsessed economy will allow any rich individual to move from business to business, because to the market the only thing that matters is consistent profit. Athletes hosting venture capital dinners. Billionaires controlling news businesses they do not understand and leave to destroy. The rich shooting cars in to space for fun while the national potential for social pride in a space race remains uninspired. And the most damning evidence of all, President Fuckhead McTelevision.

The thing is, when the vapid influence of money has corrupted basically every last remaining American institution, nothing remains to speak for hope. It’s tough enough to watch the Olympics—the type of event that hope is sort of designed for—with all the bullshit they bring along while ignoring controversy. We’ve sold out our cultural bottom line, and nothing remains in America that seems worthy of faithful devotion.

Posted to Social at 12:04 on 14 February 2018

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