At this point I’ve lost count of all the reasons I enjoy not having been in the US for two months, but after this latest round of diplomatic fuck-ups by Trump, the simple fact that nobody talks much about it is such a relief. In America, the constant static of public discourse—to little or no furthering of a conversation beyond, Did you hear?—was a never-ending drain on my ability to think straight. Even though the world is going to hell, at least the discussions in Europe are of a different slant, and the people I’ve been talking and associating with are actually doing something toward their own protection.

I’m not really sure how I’ll react to returning to the US in a couple months, or how long I’ll be able to stay before hitting the road again, but I check the news about once a day now and everything from America just reeks of either hypocrisy or bullshit. I’m not sure that it has ever been different, but it’s so much clearer spending time outside of that bubble.

Posted to Social at 00:54 on 11 June 2018

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