I have a strange and almost immediate impulse to try and write online these days, and I guess for the past year or so it’s been increasingly difficult. It’s not for lack of occasion—plenty has occurred that is worth piecing a story together for.

But as the internet shifts, now toward monopolistic control more than ever, what was once an inviting platform to connect with people has become some hellish virtual mall where the police track every move you make and record every word you say. Over the nearly two decades I’ve run this site, the reasons to be on-line have transformed from a playground to a marketing campaign. How quickly consumerism has swallowed the greatest achievement of our time, and the way an entire generation perceives itself and the world with it.

There remain niche corners and writers worth following, but so much of how communication is handled happens with references to corporate entertainment or popular culture that subversion has even become a masquerade for trying to ‘make it’ in this concept of the world. All the meanwhile, I have to keep a piece of tape stuck over the camera on my laptop in case somebody is watching without my consent.

Posted to Social at 10:58 on 12 June 2018

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