It’s strange how displacement from routine can change the most basic of ideas. Jeff and I drove to Andorra, a tiny country about three hours west nestled among the Pyrenees mountains, for the day. And though that is basically what I could do any day living in Portland, something about a day trip to a different country was just cooler when it’s going from France to Andorra and not the United States to Canada. (Andorra does have the benefit of being in the middle of a beautiful mountain chain, but the geography around British Columbia isn’t bad, either.)

It remains a puzzle but I think the general idea is that mobility and an understanding of different locations and cultures is essential to survival. As long as things are new, even the routine remains interesting, and the plausible opportunity is suddenly a fascinating chance. Encountering new names for similar ideas has won the world over in the advertising market, it’s a shame we choose to expand our consumer opportunities but limit our human ones based on names and affiliations.

Posted to Personal at 15:55 on 15 June 2018

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