Nationalism is a strange and vicious concept. All nations have certain eras of darkness or bouts of violence, so celebrating them must come with some honest reflection. American independence is the celebration of some white revolutionaries committing various acts of genocide and subsequently endorsing a slave trade in order to not pay taxes. Since then, the United States has been on about the same path: one atrocity or another to maintain power and not pay up any debt incurred to the rest of the world.

Americans these days are feeling the effects of this, with the almost ultimate American currently occupying the White House. Donald Trump, a ruthless capitalist, is the epitome of America. The dream that is packaged and sold to the masses is just that: a public relations campaign.

The idea that the United States could be saved by a swing to the left only works if the left actually fights for the values it stands for, which could incur some economic sacrifice. America needs a New Deal for a New Century. It needs a massive publicly owned fiber network so all citizens can easily access high-speed internet. It needs to rebuild the physical infrastructure and improve railways in regional transit. It needs to tax Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple a Human Resource Tariff because these countries are getting rich just from people checking e-mail, with little to no recompense for the public.

To put it short, Americans need to understand their enemy is not the person in the street wearing one type of shirt or another, but those in white collars behind the scenes, operating to divide the proletariat and maintain as much control, power and oversight of resources as possible. Voting for one party or another will not save anyone: specific ideas to guide a ship through a sea of icebergs is what is needed here. But instead, most will bar-b-q and bitch about one politician or another, and then continue on with life.

Posted to Social at 10:56 on 4 July 2018

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