Sitting across from Drew, who has recently moved into an apartment down the street, talking about what it was like to see America from the outside in, I recounted a conversation I’d had from earlier in the day; “We’re at a point in time where our society is having actual conversations regarding the ethics of putting three-year olds in dog cages.”

Everything feels like a public relations campaign, like the mass hysteria we’re experiencing in the States is related to the impossibility of escaping one falsehood or another. Blatant, polished lies we just accept because that is what living in a consumer society means—a national language known as Advertising. From national holidays to national office, the fraudulence behind American institutions is glaring in the glow of the internet, but it feels like things still aren’t nearly as bad as they could be.1

It isn’t as easy to see from inside the bubble, though. Within the borders. Drew chimes in. “It’s mass apathy and the atrophy that comes with it.” I picture a dead leg decaying in the dirt of a forest—probably something I saw in a movie once—and nod.

  • I wonder if more people get emotionally devastated by an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale than they do about news regarding terror attacks in foreign countries.

Where To Even Begin

00:15 on 6 August 2018

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