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While I’m not sure of how blockchain will assist in abolishing private property, this sentiment sure has me worried:

Weyl maintains that the “one person, one vote” setup results in a tyranny of the majority; instead, he envisions an electoral system where each voter is allotted a certain number of “voting credits” they can dispose of however they like.

The shortcomings of capitalism are so apparent even science is saying this shit is over. Yet to believe that technology holds the key to society is shortsighted.1

I also wonder if the ‘socialism’ that is Sanders-inspired will honestly translate to any attempt to remove the cancerous notions of capital from our sociopolitical operations, or if it will be an ugly re-imagining of the potential for state power.

  • At some point it will be up to humankind to balance itself out, to allow for the potential of but equally punish evil without bias. Power will have to be decentralized and communication utilized as a structural tool at all levels of organization. Yet our current top-down methods of giving a shit will not go quietly in to the dark.

Impending Doom

09:00 on 30 August 2018

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