i sat to watch the clouds for a while this morning. they’re wonderful things, such organic dissolution and growth before our very eyes. but I suppose the beauty of the heavens is not an under-represented subject.

what I love about clouds is how much of a check they are on our perception of presence; a rebuttal against our natural tendencies of categorization. we see clouds as accents to the sky, colors in a sunset, impressions of our reality as it is governed by gravity; when really their size and nature is anything but subtle.

clouds are massive, even though they can appear as but tears in the canvas of the sky. they are facilitators of weather that confuses and destroys our attempts at creating order. the truth of a cloud is a reflection of our limited vision, a retaliation to the self-aggrandizing of human nature, an example of how our judgments based on aesthetics and scale are, at best, quite short-sighted, and how the systems of subjugation we create are just that—mere inventions. we are all subject to the clouds.