reading the news is a trap. daily routine seems more like existential prison than maintaining a balance of information and culture. the grotesque, pointless discourse of the internet seems more intent on attaching itself to the world of profiteering than the mechanics of change (in which action follows words).

whereas my rage used to be enough to keep writing, as if the words would make a difference, that accumulated static appears to hide its nature like one of those magic eye posters; underneath the patterns are a hamster wheel of despair, exhausting the minds of any and all who participate in the trivial cycle of debate about when and how this all is going to come crashing down.

—if we spent half as much energy trying to change this system of parasitic, psychopathic capitalists and their corporate oligarchies as we did blindly fighting one another about invisible divisions based in propagandized paranoia and pretending we’re on different sides of armageddon, maybe it all could actually be avoided—

this fucking world.