Airport security has to be one of the grandest displays of security theater ever. It’s marvelous how completely random standards seem to be from one place to the next.

En route to Copenhagen and both of my bags are taken for a hand search. A corkscrew is removed from one and a small bottle of shampoo from another, both thrown in the bin. These are things that I’ve traveled with not only for all of this trip, but also on previous trips in and out of Europe.

This is all just an annoyance because if someone was plotting to carry out a destructive act, they would likely make sure none of it involved trying to be sneaky with airport security. We’re all just putting little bottles of liquid in little plastic bags (environment be damned, apparently) as a way to pretend that something has changed other than how much power the state is willing to enforce over the people.

It’s so patronizing when minor inconveniences are played off as making me ‘safer.’