it’s strange that my life right now is taking place about twelve miles from where it used to but it feels like a completely different world.

while moving around this summer, I considered rooms & buildings a lot. most of the summer I was pretty isolated by default, in that everywhere I stayed came with an individual room. regardless if i had co-workers, I had a specific space that was mine; just in a completely foreign land. Any given day, be it in Spain or Denmark, I could spend as if I was anywhere else: online, in bed, passing out as whatever forgettable movie played through.

so now my situation is, in some respects, incredibly similar to the one i escaped six months ago. but recognizing what aspects of a circumstance are the ones making it intolerable is key. when the room is ideal but the building is on fire and the street is a sewer drain, it just means finding a similar room somewhere else.

of course it’s impossible to disconnect from the past, and though this is just a period of transition in the middle of a larger shift in life, it feels just similar enough; that we’ve rebuilt the best rooms of where we were and now the world outside seems a lot more possible.