Announcing the release of Okonomiyaki Vol. II, a musical endeavor I’ve been working on since returning to America.

The past 90 days have been nothing short of a whirlwind in every aspect of my life. I experienced a constant juxtaposition of extreme situations&their associated emotions—falling in love whilst losing a place to live; building a new studio while facing off with unemployment—the never-ending battle between ambition and self-doubt; trying to hope but reading the news.

Volume II of the Okonomiyaki series is an exploration in to the madness that ensued during this time. I would often find myself constructing soundscapes just to give myself something to listen to while my brain could sort itself out, and those meditations were the foundation of the record.

As my living situation was in flux for a majority of the time I was working on this, scraps were pieced together from various locations throughout Portland and Washington state. I’d play piano parts in to my phone to work out down the line whenever I could use my MIDI equipment and save gigabytes of guitar loops to see what worked and what didn’t between the times I had to record.

In addition to the traditional loop-based structure of the Okonomiyaki series, with Volume II, I’ve brought in collaborators, giving them a loose concept and then weaving their reaction into the greater themes, mimicking the way we all must still interact with the world while coping with it.

Finally, this is my fourth musical release this year—the full-length “Home” was my first project finished of 2019, it seems fitting that this would be my final release of the year.

Okonomiyaki Vol. II is available to stream&purchase through Bandcamp.