Between 2003 and 2008, I ran this site as a political blog. I would comb through all these news articles and highlight not only the incompetencies of the Bush administration, but how the establishment media would glaze over it all—this was until the 9/11 card had been so played out that people started to talk more about the amount of people dying and money being spent and say things like Actually why are we in Iraq anyway? and I did this all because I felt so enraged by the obvious institutional cooperation to make America look Great, despite unjust wars and no-bid contracts, CIA black sites and Wall Street bailouts.

And this is why I am not writing about politics at the moment. The amount of effort being put in to sidelining the Bernie Sanders campaign by both the state and media is insane, and to be honest I would go just as crazy if I tried to document it all.

So instead of breaking my brain and upping my already horrific anxiety, I’m just sitting back, donating to Bernie and watching his campaign obliterate these Davos class capitalist fucks while exposing neoliberals for being the closet republicans that they are. The fact that in a month we’re going to see self-described democrats coalesce around Mike Bloomberg—basically Donald Trump without the senility—is just nauseating, but watching them all cry when Bernie accepts the nomination is going to be worth it.