as i’m losing interest in digital photos and concentrating on film, i’ve been documenting a bit less of my days in Europe but should hopefully have some good stuff for future work once everything gets processed.

today whilst eating ramen at a Japanese spot, Green Day’s “Brain Stew” was played and I had this strange moment of deja vu as the last time I heard that in public was actually in Japan at some secondhand shop in Osaka. Maybe the Japanese have a thing for that particular song (the music was not being automated or done by a playlist, but workers just putting songs on), or maybe it means something. Either way it was still fucking dope, Insomniac is a blaze of a record.

I have one more day left in Berlin and then a return to America for the first time in nearly six months and it almost feels like I am deciding to paddle from my pleasant lake vista into a fucking waterfall

Mid-day, after walking a superb amount around various parts of Berlin, and finding myself in a single-room bookshop focused on art+design. Various publications catch my eye; theory-based, assembled-essay editions on designing for the ‘real world’ and other thinly-veiled ‘oh fuck fascism is returning’ commentaries on The General State Of Things. It strikes me that for years now, that’s all I’ve seen. There’s no real plan for the future, no real anything.

The entire conceptual and theoretical basis for art and design is stuck in this meta-commentary because it cant loose itself from capitalism, so going forward from now and looking to the future is impossible without an admission of greed. The art world would have to detach itself from neoliberalist attitudes for that to happen—something that is ironically far easier for art than it is design, since most of design hinges on the advertising budgets of Fortune 500 companies.

I will never understand how so many spineless people make it in the creative industry. I guess once the word industry gets involved these days, nothing much matters anyway.

Berlin HBF


oh berlin how i have missed you

Pike Place

Pike Place Market · Seattle, 2019

it’s strange to think this time next week i’ll be back in america. it’s going to be an interesting fall.

Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society

Directed by Peter Weir, written by Tom Schulman. 1990.

it never ceases to amaze me how every 11th of september i read all these hashtag-never-forget posts about the 3,000 american deaths but not a goddamn word about the subsequent hundreds of thousands killed in occupational wars or the $110,000,000,000 in weaponry dealt to saudi arabia.

like at what point does the tragedy become the irony here

can’t wait for tomorrow to go back to the business-as-usual internet of concern about russia and the democratic national committee.


i took this photo of my friend josh in the cleveland museum of art on a road trip across america, where throughout the month of september i drove from portland to washington dc, down to new orleans and back across and up the west coast in the span of 30 days with the sole intention of mimicking one of robert frank’s cross-country photographic journeys for The Americans

it is the type of photo that i never would have shot without the influence of frank, which continues to this day and second and every moment i am out with my m6 in tow

there are maybe four or five artists i would ever call something of a hero but frank was one of them and now he’s gone

i’m building my first sculpture, well, ever, and it involves some metal birds so this song is big mood these days

it’s been a strange year

everything seems too contained, traditional in terms of expression. lacking a depth, a meaning. something.

the time is nearing to push outward more.

i guess sometimes it takes sitting on a bed in a basement apartment somewhere in northern Denmark thinking about that time the cat died and the speakers could only be turned up to maximum and Drew was getting stoned and nothing was enough so now you’ve been around the world a couple times but here you are asking yourself what the fuck am i doing with my life to realize that question follows you no matter where you fucking go except now i’m 36 and People would want me to type in proper formats of capitalization and formality would no longer understand why i’m still not a capitalist