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self-titled (vol. 3)

Distorted Perspective III

working cover for new/upcoming self-titled book. i will officially be taking a hiatus from books after this, as i consider it somewhat of a Statement Work.

23:30 / 16 February 2019
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Under a Dying Sun

Joshua Tree · 2016

in August of 2016 the road was calling yet again; i found myself driving around the USA for the month. from Portland to Washington DC by way of Milwaukee and Cleveland, down to New Orleans and across the south, through Texas and then up the west coast. On the last night of my trip I found myself in Joshua Tree National Park.1

I’d never been to Joshua Tree before but was familiar with its lore. mulling about: the camp sites were overcrowded, the roads empty. i did not notice an excessive amount of Park Rangers, which makes the shutdown vandalism perplexing. why was this place a target for such destruction?

relating to the motivations of people has never been a strong suit of mine but some days i think it’s a completely foreign concept.

  • the “last night” was supposed to be second-to-last, but I ended up driving Joshua Tree to Portland in one straight, 18-hour shot. it became one of those travel segments where keep going keep going was a psychic itch i couldn’t stop scratching. every chance I had to pull over for a motel, my foot pressed the gas onward.

10:00 / 16 February 2019
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(some more recent work;progress on upcoming book to be released early april)

17:45 / 12 February 2019
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the homey office

the return of the cubicle; i can’t wait to see who re-makes Office Space for 21st century, burned-out-on-start-up culture.

somebody once told me, “time is a flat circle.” all of these headlines prove it. what was old is new again. what was new has lasted long enough for dissatisfaction to mount, disillusionment to set in. it’s not the solutions that are ineffective, it’s that the question is the problem.

“How can we make work more like your home life?”

the push for offices to be inviting but also increase productivity, the constant connection that demands constant attention, the lifestyle obsession that comes with corporate culture—especially in tech—is manipulative at best and inhuman when it comes down to how much of life they’re trying to appropriate for how little return people are getting

08:15 / 12 February 2019
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Daytime Snow II

10:30 / 9 February 2019
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Daytime Snow I

21:00 / 8 February 2019
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Full Black

in Gerhard Richter Painting, an old interview from his time at university had him doing a series of large, gray canvases. He says something to the extent of, “I noticed I liked some more than others. I couldn’t explain why, but I did.”

so as an exercise I did a small-and-simple version, 12 blacked-out rectangles. the series can be seen at Next Comes The Flood

15:30 / 7 February 2019
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And ahead of schedule, even

LFGB promo posters

Working on my yearly project, which I’ve already done a new logo for, beginning in promotional material / typesetting framework. Above, a couple comps of vertical posters for the show. (Using one of my favorite faces ever for this one—Fairplex by Emigre. If memory serves it was the first font I ever bought.)

10:30 / 5 February 2019
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the Driving Snow

nightfall / snowfall

one of the best things about snow is the sense of quiet it brings. there’s an almost recognizable pairing between a fresh snowfall and everything just being a little less loud. it’s unique to snow, too; summer heat can bring any number of scenarios with different associated noises (like the buzz and hum of a broken air conditioner, children playing in the street, talking to yourself about how fucking hot it is). the bluster of fall and the rain of spring always produce some combination of chaos.

snow just sits, still and impossible. driving in a snowstorm is remains one of the most romantic acts. the peace of winter is such a mystery.

22:00 / 3 February 2019
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The Cruel Abandon of Time I&II

month 2 of 12 year 2019: go

been working on a variety of things, leading toward a new upcoming gallery of year-end miscellany. with a new book&a paper project in the works, some more formal concepts will be soon released. —perhaps new music—for now just fun&experimentation.

the only relevant thing to me about this superbowl is that the ‘new’ big lebowski material is a fucking advertisment and i was right to not get my hopes up. unreal. if every aspect of our culture is just going to ends up as a means to sell something else, we’re just up and deciding american art means nothing outside the vantage point of consumption.

i somehow slept on the last loma prieta album. damn. this is the good stuff. crazy optics, too.

15:00 / 3 February 2019
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