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21:00 / 17 March 2019
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12:00 / 14 March 2019
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a sign flashes (Applause) to the audience and the lights fade

the internet each day presents an endless supply of evidence of Things To Be Concerned About. stories about the Injustices of Our Own Making; wrongs that could be righted—wrongs that should never have occurred to begin with but are required to Keep The Wheel Spinning. The System Goes and Goes.

(today: the story of Ramsey Orta, who videotaped the infamous Eric Garner murder)

the world encourages us all not to pay it any mind, out of fear the weight of its brutality will shatter our individual lives and leave them to fade with time. these systems are all invented, their repercussions a mass of panic, sadness, the feeling of being trapped. none of this is human.

11:45 / 13 March 2019
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the last time i was getting ready to leave Portland, I knew that it would not be my final time here. now as the studio begins to clear out and my Official Residency is no longer in oregon, and I look at the city through more a lens of the past than the present or future, i can’t find much of a reason to return.

Portland is a wonderful place to lose yourself but a terrible place to find yourself in. its appeals have all but faded in the past decade: financial interests have moved in, motivations—and the people who own them—have become suspicious. it has become self-serious in a way that casts aside the various oddball subcultures that were appropriated for a television show.

(increasingly I find myself drawn to New York and Los Angeles—perhaps the reasons they are reviled are why I appreciate them: their is a stark and brutal honesty to the vanity and greed that are the backbone to their primary industries. capitalism is exposed, and while Silicon Valley spins itself as Saving The World (or whatever), LA and NYC just don’t care what anyone says unless it makes them some bank. and if that isn’t America Now, I’m not sure what is.

14:15 / 11 March 2019
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soon: foreign affairs.

(a failed experiment from last year—the Post-Local—is being re-imagined.)

I am returning to Europe in April, this time with a one-way ticket. Looking forward to: focus, re-focusing. faces, stories. influence. 50mm. the Mediterranean. the Alps. train rides—

Paris, May 2018

—the Seine
—with the release of Vol.3, i am looking to take a more John Baldessari approach to my work: no more boring art.

a land full of languages i’m unfamiliar with sounds like a great place to begin redefinition.

00:00 / 11 March 2019
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bitter words

on the TV listings for a visited set, Punk: A Revolution In Four Parts. punk wasn’t really a revolution, though. neither were the Beatles. paradigm shifts in arts and culture, perhaps, but no revolution. except, perhaps, in the marketplace.

this is a great victory of capitalism: the appropriation of language with actual meaning into being used as market-based metaphors. I saw this in the corporate world plenty, with company-wide e-mails about being In The Trenches sent out; corporate drones seeing themselves as soldiers in literally the least battle-like situation imaginable.

using art for advertising, linguistics for marketing; it’s all an unending battle between the truth of our humanity and those that would purge it to make a dollar.

15:00 / 10 March 2019
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Kiss The Tank

i’m fascinated by livestreaming, and other modern technologies, and while i play with their potential from time to time, there’s a certain line in the sand of using these corporations as a means of expression; they control all the opportunity of certain types of digital publishing. using Facebook comes with the wink and nod, accepting it’s some kind of Necessary Evil.

commerce vs art; the fine line of Corporate Acceptability is subjective. painters use Brand Name pigments, same with the musician and their instrument. to create is to inherently use ‘the system’ and so the intentions of the artist get as much, if not more, attention as the work.

this seems different, though. this isn’t the debut of the personal camera; when you bought a roll of film, Kodak didn’t ask for your personal information and shopping history. the amount to which these companies are using humans as a resource will only be measured in the future when there are metrics for such things.

16:30 / 9 March 2019
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Four-Color Process

the ‘audiobook’ for Vol. 3 will be a five-song EP, continuing on with themes from “Home” but dealing with the concepts from the past few months.

09:00 / 9 March 2019
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off to the presses

interior cover

i have been hard at work—thus the lack of updates—on Distorted Perspective vol. 3, which will be released in tandem with an audiobook companion piece, Four-Color Process, in one month (Apr 5, first friday)

more to come

09:30 / 6 March 2019
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What Are You Looking At?

scribe · 2019

(more new work i will get around to putting online. ingredients: black gesso on translucent drop cloth, rage. 36 inches square.)

08:30 / 21 February 2019
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