the excess of communication about everything has mostly rendered the entire possibility of the internet an inert farce while those who have grown to control it over the past 20 years represent nothing but the worst of how commerce removes all humanity from creation in favor of select profits

i have little to no faith in any action or organization, as at this point we’re just all sitting around waiting for the tower of these institutions to fall and see who makes it out alive

cradles and coffins

12:15 / 14 October 2018
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time seems to pass without regard for what it consumes these days

there have been some losses, and more damages

and i remain feeling disconnected from this, and all portions, of the internet; the world largely feels like a mall, with the silicon valley types jumping at the chance to promote the shiny layers of the worst types of capitalism for their own benefit, willfully ignorant of consequences

what has been will be again, but they’ll just take their money and run

it has been a few weeks

11:11 / 12 October 2018
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photo by drew

we are all dying

16:15 / 27 September 2018
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—not having the internet at home is becoming less enjoyable and more of a burden, for when I want to do things like “apply to jobs” and “post to blog” or “research something while working but not wanting to deal with a mobile interface”—

Have increasingly been thinking about the juxtaposition of living in today’s media-heavy, content-focused world: the dissolution of language creates a field of anarchy within the concept of contemporary art1 but also disrupts the social connection between art and broader meaning2. Artists—or those who would be called such in today’s late-capitalism version of Pop Art—and their supporters can say Haters gonna hate in the face of any critique and be applauded for their independence

(not that I am one to be in favor of critics or their field, yet the relationship of the critique of art versus its application is a form of social balance and has also just turned into another form of clickbait)

It’s not like this really matters in a day-to-day, practical-application kind of way. But art and the culture which surrounds it often influences the world in surprising ways, and if the world of creativity is wrapped up in defining itself against the pressures of the constant consumer economy then what hope do we have with politics?

  • Which I am for
  • Which I am against

Socio-existential Balance

09:00 / 12 September 2018
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the internet at the space i live got cut off which has been both a blessing & a curse. while ‘stare at the internet, doing nothing’ time has drastically decreased, so has time for staring at a blank screen with the best of intentions. maybe it’s a win-win, who knows.

nevertheless i will try to work around this as i continue to bring the site to a more complete state. otherwise i can be followed on instagram @aglowinthestatic in preparation for my next show.


16:20 / 2 September 2018
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I arrived in Amsterdam on April 13 and by the 15th I knew something had to change. It was the NBA playoffs, which meant I was getting semi-frequent text messages during any particularly exciting game. These came between the hours of midnight and eight in the morning for me, which was not a particularly convenient time to have a phone continue to vibrate.

So I turned everything off. My phone was already set to only vibrate with any sort of notification, but I decided to take it a step further. No more alerts, ever.1

It was refreshing and wonderful, my overall usage dropped significantly and it’s about the closest I’d felt to having a land line and an answering machine since, well, I did that for a year back in 2012.2 Since returning to Pacific Standard Time, I still haven’t switched my phone back to any sort of normal, and I can’t imagine why I would.3

  • Seems this is a growing trend and I highly recommend getting on board
  • This was also wonderful and if I ever live in an apartment again I will just throw away cell phones forever.
  • There’s something to be said for the question this introduces into society though: with a new piece of technology that intervenes in communication, how does the social contract get written? Will we all just be shifting through various notions of ‘Responsibility to Reply’ for a generation before what is ‘proper’ becomes the status quo? Or will certain sects of culture require different standards of communication?

push management

11:15 / 29 August 2018
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