Scratching the Silver

Anti-Trump Women’s March · Destroyed film

Before I left for Europe, I moved studios. In that process I found a few old rolls of undeveloped film lying around, some damaged and some just fine. The damaged rolls are retaining a particular resonance for me as I am on the road.

Art—and specifically photography—has not been coming easy lately. Only now, overseas, can I feel a certain freedom to work, to really focus. Something more is at stake here than in America, and I realize that it’s a certain social and historical context. An appreciation of time, maybe.

American art and culture has been near completely consumed by popular entertainment and the psyche of commodification. The motivation to create a film not for cultural worth but rather the advertising value of ‘going viral’ is a distinctly modern trait. The abstract, but ultimately consumerist, inspiration for much of the creative output online is something more haunting than being disingenuous. There is a resonance of falsehood in everything American.

Destroyed film of approved protests during times of turmoil, I guess it’s all I’ve got for now.

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Of Course, Portland

I follow basketball pretty closely but rarely write about it. Probably because if I was to invest heavily at an emotional level on a team enough to publish thoughts and ideas about them only to endure a piss-poor first-round sweep in the playoffs, I’d end up wanting to pull a Ron Swanson.

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I’ve got ten days to do this.

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Roaming For The Moment


Faces & Bikes

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Back At It

Arriving at my first house in Amsterdam after 20 hours of travel

For the next 18 weeks I’ll be working my way through Europe. I am here to explore new techniques in painting and photography (in my spare time) while doing everything from international commissions to laying brick and mortar. This blog will hopefully be semi-updated with work and other miscellaneous fun.

I’ll also soon have The Post-Local up and running, which will be some of the more cultural observations I have.

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Welcome to Distorted Perspective. A brief introduction—

—Colin Smith. Born 1982. Some punk rock kid turned multidisciplinary artist & graphic designer-type. An Alaskan in Oregon by way of New England, Georgia, Texas and California looking for hope in the wind. Working in the various languages of truth, systems and identity.

I create works of assembly. Taking a variety of disparate components in any given medium and attempting to build a cohesive whole, I look to mimic the disorder and confusion our conflicted, human lives end up creating naturally through time. My focus is not to communicate through any single process but rather create a language that translates across aesthetic approach; a message that resonates by any means of interaction.


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