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“Crossing Paths” at First Friday · January 2019

i’ve always had a thing for observing how people change face depending on who they are around; acting or speaking differently depending on who is in the room and what conditions of authority apply. (obviously someone may act different around a boss or a cop—these days, what’s the difference?)

i guess this began in junior high when ‘clique’ behavior simultaneously disgusted and confused me—this has grown with me as adults behave the same way however tend to differentiate themselves by class and status-quo-based levels of ‘success’

this new series is about how each person creates a different impression on one another during whatever time they spend together and under whatever circumstances may arise; that our total selves are a construction of many points of interaction, yet each singular path has its own radical definition and consequence to the whole

see more at Crossing Paths

14:00 / 11 January 2019
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Inside The Lines

A piece done in Florence last year, finishing up the Part II series.

18:00 / 10 January 2019
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To The Barricades Again

The Police At Church

A Fire In The Square

going through some boxes, packing things up in the studio, found some developed but unscanned film—these from (one of) the protests about the Trump immigration policy—if memory serves it’s around the time of the initial travel ban

still it boggles the mind that marches like these could snake through the streets every day and be simultaneously 1.) about some new hateful atrocity of governance and 2.) equally ineffective in creating any substantial change

PSU Students



16:30 / 8 January 2019
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Once and future publications

—if all goes to plan, Distorted Perspective Vol. III will be released in April—

—(keep working keep working keep working)

00:45 / 8 January 2019
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The Sounds of Time

The tools that built this

For quite some time I’ve been working on a new musical project and have started 2019 with its release. Stream a preview above, “Artists in Times of War.”

Stream and purchase “Home” here. More information on the record will be released in the coming days.

12:00 / 2 January 2019
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Begin Again

A page from the Part II sketchbooks

01:00 / 30 December 2018
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