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(though it’s probably not as calm as yoga)

Yoga Sessions

—I will say now that I am out of America, using the A-sizes for posters and various marketing materials is a welcome change from letter sizes

14:30 / 13 June 2019
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Social Lunch Club

Poster for Social Lunch Club

—the café I work at part-time as part of my job over here hosts a variety of events, so I’m working on improving some of the local design. the owner studied in the Bauhaus and under Dieter Rams, so I’m trying to appease the need for angular and large type.

12:30 / 12 June 2019
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The men in this town are a stubborn tradition
Stone walls, aged like whisky
forgot until a purpose returns–
to serve–

a high tide in a strong wind
one last fight over one more sin
o how we age
& how we still yearn

Mary was left with an empty bottle and two kids
it was her, or the war, no way to know now;
just questionable excuses from lands
she never knew but
had seen their horror in his face on the way out

Now the battle she fights is for her belief in
what’s right but an
Executive from New York disagrees
because, “This world is profit and
power and markets and other lies of
America’s dream”

and the news just repeats Brexit like
Germans never said Fascist
A rebrand of the Tax Man Collecting
Not for the state but for private banks
for trust funds and profitable elections

and back in the U.S. of A. all the Presidents pigs
freely and armed to the teeth walk the streets
killing kids
in Chicago and all through the south (
and there is no consequence for their victims aren’t rich,
white-skinned or influential )

These children are dying in cages
but Mary is worried about pavement
and the woods where her two young ones
can still hope and play

Now that it’s all she has left
how could anyone expect her to
worry about the rest of the world

That’s how they keep winning;
these rich men and their bleating
about God and National Pride;
they are modern pillagers
buying up villages
outsourcing violence
to the highest bidders
in case someone dares to cry,

“Capitalism is organized crime.”

But this world don’t know justice;
just prisons and corruption and tours of the
Palace Versaille

So I take Mary’s hand and we look out over the land as
we share a bottle of cheap wine
A storm in the distance is coming in quick Mary is
laughing while she cries
She makes fun of my accent, watches her kids,
sips in sadness
and quietly admits,
“ Soon
we’re all going to die.”

i’ll be entering this piece / performing it as part of the “Poetry and Politics” festival here on the 21st of June

18:30 / 8 June 2019
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mid-month Friday

not that anyone i know can make it to Ireland, but I’ll likely be doing a variety of live-streaming for this event as I did the last, debuting more material for my upcoming poetry&photography book Revisionist History—

05:00 / 8 June 2019
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Arson 1/1

(i have begun work on my next major project, in the vein of one of my favorite works—Wyndham Lewis’ Blast—to be released in late 2019)

12:00 / 5 June 2019
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Last Summer

(this was written in the south of France last year but it, along with various songs written in Croatia, was shelved to focus on more electric material; now that an acoustic guitar is all I have to work with, the European demos will likely be resurfacing)

Take my hand darling. Let’s get lost down at the river and stand by that chateau as King and Queen. Nothing much exists when all this space is just an instant waiting for a countdown to begin.

Oh, to be you and see the world as you do from the other side of the moon. But when I reach back for your hand you’ve disappeared again to the other side of the moon.

Was your past a misprint? Was it hard for your sister? Did anybody truly understand? I left some bridges burning as the tables began turning but here with you I don’t regret a thing.

Time and time again we start things just to end at the other side of the moon. Won’t you be my Marianne and I will be your fool on the other side of the moon?

(this song is also a heavy-handed appreciation of one of my favorite movies ever)

02:00 / 2 June 2019
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(getting somewhere)

growing up i mostly had a pencil and a piece of paper. my entire thesis as an artist is founded on this: use what is available to you. make of yourself what you can.

sometimes i have the blessing of my pedals and guitar, sometimes i have experienced full studios to record in and sometimes it’s where i am now; sitting alone in a closed cafe which has two microphones, in the dark to make sure nobody sees. hooking a field recorder to various cords, using an acoustic guitar for what i can, reconciling myself with scribbled words, various drinks poured in mugs, the sun was never out but now it’s certainly going down.

yet i’m finding my voice here, in ireland, and this is what i wanted. this is everything to me. i don’t have what i want but i have what i need. sometime i’ll get back to my guitar and i’ll make this everything that it could be.

19:00 / 1 June 2019
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i am working on a new book, which will collect poems&photographs made during this venture through Europe to be titled Revisionist History

i will be testing a few of them out on an audience tonight during a Last Friday poetry event at whiteRoom; will be showing one or two on ig live

12:00 / 31 May 2019
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In The Flames

Away but Near

my life is a combination of The National, Touché Amoré and Billie Eilish tracks right now, staggered between the slight rain of the Irish coastline, selfish motivations and an understanding that upending an hourglass can still become a routine.

nevertheless, a preview of the shape of punk to come with my next FF poster; additionally, the branding portfolio has been updated with some of my work done this summer, with more to come in the near future

19:00 / 25 May 2019
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Screen Shots

Street Shooters

Street Shooters




Modern Art

Old Town

Old Town

Streaks In The Sky

Long Light

Long Light

(I’ve been enjoying the iPhone but I’m pretty stoked to see the film I’ve been shooting … in like 7 months or something, whenever I can get it processed&scanned.)

09:00 / 8 May 2019
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Clear History

(even though this web site has operated with a blog—in some form or another—since 1999, it has undergone semi-annual design changes and annual database dumps throughout the years. thus, the "Archive" is actually only evidence of what has not yet been deleted.)