Cut From The Same Cloth

one of the most fascinating aspects of human life is our ability to face constant recognition of our similarities yet so easily and frequently forget them as we are divided by any number of circumstances, ideologies and influences

while america’s promise of opportunity has a good public relations campaign, its actuality is one of favoring the powerful and thus creating a system that will constantly disregard those who seek meaning elsewhere in life; even those who do subscribe to the promise of late capitalism then submit themselves to the behest of the system

there are vicious ideas about appearances, opinions and beliefs that are propagated through our society–now perpetuated by silicon valley profiteers–as conflict among the masses remains essential to retaining and/or accumulating power; most of these ideas have us constantly examining our differences and underscoring their ‘importance’

we are all one in the same, regardless of how the systems of power labeled too big to fail may deem otherwise
these two paintings were made from one, a single canvas of black and white cut down the middle and each left to grow in to their own work

Detailed views of the works