If you aren’t at least somewhat enjoying the White House cutting off certain press outlets from the daily briefings, then you’re just not having enough fun in show business. The journalism industry has spent decades marching itself into irrelevance, consumed by the revenue interests of corporate ownership.1 Now after months of doing the journalistic equivalent of kicking a bucket of shit repeatedly, they’re crying foul about a glorified meeting regarding memos.

The press has not been useless, however this incident exemplifies the underlying disconnect between the interests of the media and the people. Exclusion from the daily briefing is not world-ending, but more than once the phrase ‘slippery slope’ gets tossed around. CNN acts like a sixteen-year-old with a blog and a broken heart:


uh lol

Sorry, but that slippery slope was stumbled down long ago by some executives who wanted to own a newsroom. The corporate media is a legacy institution just as corrupt and morally bankrupt as the White House, now flailing like a drunk in the sea: completely distracted by the fact they left their fucking phone in their pocket and now it will most likely have to be replaced, oblivious to the sharks beneath and the storm above.

There’s no martyrdom here. If anything, the fate of the media seems to be a sort of poetic justice for decades of allowing capitalism to dictate content, with some useless self-aware narrative about ‘the way things are done’ to shirk the blame.2

  • See also: capitalism eating art and shitting out popular culture. Yes, we live in a ‘golden age’ of television, but this is based in the medium, not the message. Very little ‘high art’ is appreciated in modern America—in my opinion due to this generation / era that seems to demand affirmation above debate. Television will never challenge the intellectual beliefs of the viewers, merely their emotional responses.
  • Additional listening: episode 84 of Chapo Trap House around 27:50. (The entirety is recommended.)

February 24, 2017 at 6:32 pm

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