In The Studio

At the studio in southeast PDX

b. 1982 · Fairbanks, Alaska

Colin Smith is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Portland, Oregon by way of Alaska, New England, Georgia, Texas and California. His work is collage-based, crafted through a variety of mediums and remains conceptually rooted in the human relationships with language, media and one another within the systems we create. Smith’s studies in graphic design and photojournalism inform the focus on the evolution of media and communication in his practice.

Influenced equally by the philosophical concepts behind social constructs and the poets who left it all behind, Smith studies art from the vantage point of a generation raised experiencing both analog mediums and digital media. Believing the influence of capitalism will use this technological shift to further divide humanity, he now focuses on translating the chaos of the world into constructions of beauty, looking to offer some reason for hope in the wind.

est. 1999 · Colophon

Distorted Perspective was registered in January 1999 and has seen many variations. This version is an archive-based dynamic portfolio, meant to experience a feed of work based on subjective tags. Powered by WordPress with a custom theme, the structure is hand-coded on the Skeleton framework.

The site is typeset in Nimbus Sans and Courier Prime using Typekit, hosted by WebFaction. Time is all we have, and spending yours here means a great deal. Thank you.

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    1. Studies
  • 2009 · Photojournalism MS – BU
  • 2005 · Graphic Design BFA – SCAD
    1. Exhibitions
  • 2017 · Systems & Scars · Gallery 642, PDX
  • 2017 · First Friday (Recurring) · Warehouse 640, PDX
  • 2016 · Standing Still in A Storm · iDoc Gallery, PDX
  • 2016 · Knives In The Gun Fight · The Side Door, PDX
  • 2016 · Learning How To Lie · Tiny’s, PDX
  • 2016 · Flesh · Verum Ultimum, PDX
  • 2015 · Nothing Here Can Kill You · The Side Door, PDX
  • 2014 · Inside Out · Verum Ultimum, PDX
  • 2013 · Love Songs For The Tone Deaf · Academy Theater, PDX
  • 2012 · Occupy Bay Area · YBCA, SF
  • 2012 · Encountering · 31 Rausch, SF
  • 2012 · Looking Forward, Giving Back · SF Camerawork, SF
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  • Twitter: @dstrtdprspctv
  • Tumblr: dstrtdprspctv
    1. Capital
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