The fact this dipshit President slashed the NEA funding in the new budget proposal should not be surprising to anyone. I feel like the conversation is still constrained to a very insular view of the world—that of not paying attention to governance outside America—and is hurting the very notion of art in this country.1

Existential threats to art aside, let’s just be real about state spending in the arts.2 This is only comparing the US and France, because it’s late and dedicating too much energy to pointing out the systemic issues with capitalism is exhausting.

Seeing politicians line up to defend this pittance of funding is remarkable, like how these idiots all voted to Make America Great Again don’t realize what that means economically.3 What bullshit.

  • I could go on for days about how capitalism has ruined the entire concept of art in America, and how the underlying notion of marketability has driven art and the forces around it for most of the contemporary era.
  • Liberals will probably be outraged by the fact the NEA is getting funding cut, when anyone with sense on the left would be fucking furious that the spending was this low to begin with. Tax the rich, put it into theater, fuck your tanks.
  • Sources on chart information were Wikipedia for the population data and Alternet / Hyperallergic (which sources to French news / articles). Sources on the political right being idiots is reality.

March 18, 2017 at 1:39 am