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Mobile Application Design

Key screen visual designs


The backbone of Torch is amateur sport; the app is a contained environment to explore every aspect of it, binding the scheduling and social aspects of playing in any level of athletics outside the pros. The aesthetic was evolved from my life as a kid collecting baseball cards, prominently featuring photographs and strong typography for a wide array of information and statistics.

Challenges included designing a navigation system that would switch between a chat interface and a calendar while maintaining a cohesive style, creating interfaces for in-progress activities, utilizing as little written language as possible (to avoid translation issues). All of the trimmings of a social network would be combined with an idea for a layered calendar of permission-based access made for a very complicated backend which required a simple, definitive screen-to-screen experience.

Onboarding wireframes

Game score wireframes


Kichen was the code-name for a prepared food-based app, utilizing various aspects of location and partnerships to create a network of places serving healthy, organic, ready-to-eat meals. Location-based browsing, order processes and delivery options were all micro-interactions within the broader scope of personalizing the user experience for an increasingly convenient, recommendation-based engine.

The design presented challenges based mostly in adapting a complex back-end of requirements into a select few notifications and screens regarding availability of product within the area of interest.

Purchase process wireframes

Delivery confirmation wireframes

Project Information

As a senior designer at Zinio from 2010-2013, a portion of my workload was dedicated to the design and visual maintainence of their various apps on iOS and Android. Since then I’ve worked in a freelance capacity for a number of mobile projects, with a couple distinct examples to which I have developed the project through all the stages of UI, UX and visual design.

Due to the varied nature of work on this page, each project has a brief associated with it on the main page as opposed to in this panel.

  • For additional branding work on Torch, see Making A Mark
  • I occasionally still work in a design or consulting capacity for mobile projects; please contact regarding work