I was on a call with one of the current Smith Davis clients whose app we’re bringing from concept to production. Without breaking any NDAs, an aspect of this app is a calendaring / scheduling function. After presenting an initial concept for a workflow to create an event, the client said, “I’ll defer to your judgment here, you guys are the experts on this side of things.”

My mouth literally went ajar during the call and I noted that this is the first time I’d ever heard a client say such things. I’ve been working as a freelance designer for close to a decade and I seriously can’t remember the last time anyone actually respected that role. Incredible.

Still Falls The Rain




The Morning After

To me it seemed like there wasn’t much to say after the results of the Ferguson grand jury were heard; the lack of an indictment when a cop chokes a man to death on video is simply incomprehensible. I don’t know; Stewart’s reaction is pretty similar to what mine was watching the protests from home last night. (Portland’s protests are scheduled for tonight.)

Last Words

I Can't Breathe

Waking Up In Fragments



The tumult of daily ebbs and flows at least keeps things interesting. Work remains a constant battle between the unknown and the easily accomplished; much like the way my future seemed to be just a month ago. How easily some paths get altered, some paintings remain unfinished.

Only Occasional Horizons





In A Void of Consequence

My ex-girlfriend got pretty offended when I stopped following her on Instagram after our break-up. I couldn’t really figure out why it was such a big deal; having a broken heart, one doesn’t necessarily need a stream of reminders as to how happy someone else is without you. I began questioning what we have constructed from this digital social contract we’re currently writing.

Then last night I was browsing my feed and passed a post by Brent, which had a few more positive reinforcements than I thought the particular photo deserved. After all, it’s a fairly typical ‘Portland’ photo with no extraordinary attention to certain shadows. So I just commented that it was OK.

In doing so, though, I realized that I had never really seen negative comments anywhere on Instagram. What’s more, is you can only ever like something. The entire platform removes criticism from what some regard as art. It’s a creative environment free of repercussion or judgment, because the negative side of anything can just be ignored.

It seems this is the evolution of our digital world; a place where problems can just be ignored. Where negativity is fleeting and frowned upon; debate is disregarded as just more clamor. We’re molding an environment so free of circumstance and failure that the lack of validation—losing followers, not gaining enough likes—becomes the fear. Consequence or actual dislike be damned, that’s beyond the edges of this coddled environment.

Cause and Effect



Light / Shadow Cast Diptych

Recent personal events have had me studying ambient light and space systems more and more; duality and objectively different trajectories along the same path. The rather unextraordinary door that obstructs the light still causes the shadow to be what it is; the relationships between circumstance and result are a huge impact on the (mostly digital) photos I’ve been taking lately. I’ve not yet shifted this into a different medium, as I’m still finding my way through this concept, but it’s proving more and more challenging and thus interesting.

Seen Some Things Had Tiny Wings








Various roadways and futures in the works. For now, books and paintings and illustration studies and work.

Too Easy To Believe

What you see happening here is, between :15 and :22, two adult police officers driving right up alongside a 12 year old who had an air rifle, shooting him within a second of arriving and then hiding behind their vehicle. It’s the killing of Tamir Rice, and at some point this lunacy has to stop and it should have been years ago.

And for those who may say that someone shouldn’t be wielding a gun in public, Ohio is an open carry state, so I would imagine there are strict training requirements on how to deal with a child who has a toy gun in public.