Revisionist History


Mic Drop

Well this has to be the most fun I’ve had with a side one / track one in awhile. Holy fuck.

Basic Plus

30 Minutes

30 Minutes

30 Minutes

Three 30 minute figure studies; pencil, charcoal, ink and wash. I’m finding going back to basics is the easiest way to deal with life right now, just drawing and adding some darkness. I’m working on incorporating this style into larger objects, but it’s taking some time.

I have a piece in the current show at Verum Ultimum in Portland, for anyone interested.

Pennies and Panic

Arm’s Length


Chelsea · Click to Enlarge


DOA Pro Wrestling

Always The Fight · Click to Enlarge

DOA Pro Wrestling

The End · Click to Enlarge

DOA Pro Wrestling

Waiting · Click to Enlarge

DOA Pro Wrestling

Screaming At The Crowd · Click to Enlarge

More from the Battle Under Burnside.

Money See Money Do

So millions of doses of an experimental vaccine for Ebola will be available in 2015, announced shortly after a guy in New York went bowling. There’s a lot of reasons to be cynical here. Which, I am sure most of the internet is doing in places I don’t really read.

But here’s where I land: Look what we can do with science. The second anything becomes important and we decide to start putting money into scientific research, we end up on the moon. A potential vaccine for Ebola? Sure, they were close ten years ago, but nobody was really concerned about Ebola in 2005 because there were terrorists in Iraq or something.

There’s so much we don’t know and at times like this it shows just what we can discover when we actually care. I wonder where we’d be if NASA had a war chest the way it did with the first space race. Maybe some day we can find out.



Firsts and Lasts


I’m doing a series of projects exploring a series of concepts I’ve generally strayed from in my work previously. All will hopefully done and up for 2015. I won’t be previewing anything on the blog (perhaps here) after this; a first glimpse at a return to bookmaking.

Still Falls The Rain

I’ve been sort of silently planning a fall / winter season to which I would get a lot done. This turns in to a greater plan I have sort of hatching in my head for 2015, but these are things I don’t say out loud as to not jinx them or get my hopes up too high.

Either way, it’s raining and I’m working. My mind isn’t set too highly on essay-format as far as a mode of expression, so the blog has lacked … words … recently.

This will change, but in a certain way. In the future. In 2015. Soon enough, things will be changing. For now, they are just fun and challenging.

Also, listen to this.