Calling Home

The Light Refraction

The Light Refraction

Antennas To Heaven

Antennas To Heaven

Take Your Places

Take Your Places

Fuck The Police

Fuck The Police

Upward Progress

Upward Progress

Enjoying The Night Skyline

Enjoying The Skyline

One interesting thing about having the iPhone on me at all times—now that the camera is actually quite impressive—is how differently I find myself shooting with it vs the M6. These are a few from the past couple days.

One thing I’ve noticed is that since the intention with shooting on a phone is to display on a small screen (via Instagram or whatever social app), details are often cast aside. Seeing these photos in larger or different contexts adjusts their very nature of being significantly.

From Here To There

On The Train

A selection of fellow transit-takers on the blue MAX line.

There’s really something to be said for public transit in Portland. On a single car I rode just from the inner Southwest out to the Convention Center, I sat next to three nuns and an old man who had let his pants fall pretty low as his despair was quite evident. Another woman sat illuminated in the nicest light, her heavy wheezing and deeply shaded protective eyewear making her appear almost as a cartoonish tragedy. Two kids played with a knife in the back.

There are certain times when everyday life makes me step back and question my own reality. Most of how I think is in a form of logic versus chaos, and so when I am sitting in a train with nuns, homeless people and teenagers with iPhones and $300 basketball shoes at the same time my brain starts doing cartwheels trying to figure out how it is we all got to this point.

(This is also how I end up procrastinating so much; I start considering how little any work we do in life matters, and then just give up on it before I start. Whoops.)

First We Take Manhattan

The Berlin Wall is returning in the form of this absolutely fantastic public art piece.

Berlin is just one of those places (still able to stir up some shit) that I just feel like if I don’t live in for a significant amount of time before my time is up here, I’ll regret it when death knocks.

Saturday Market

Sautrday Market · Berlin, 2013 · Click to Enlarge

Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum · Berlin, 2013 · Click to Enlarge

Upon visiting the city in 2013, it was a confluence of uncomfortable events and bad weather and it was still an awesome time. (I was, however, still drinking at the time.) It wasn’t unlike the first time I ever walked through Portland or Osaka in the sense of feeling like I’d found a place where I naturally just belonged.

I suppose these sorts of cities evolve over time; Chicago has a very similar feeling and Portland would if it were a bit blockier and had a bit more diversity. But Berlin has a real proper mixture of pride, self-respect and rebellion to take itself seriously as a city. (Portland, I would argue, is more passive in generally complying with the word of law.)

Pizza Building

The Pizza Building · Berlin, 2013 · Click to Enlarge

The Street

Street Views in Kreuzberg · Berlin, 2013 · Click to Enlarge

Bauhaus Museum

Bauhaus Museum · Berlin, 2013 · Click to Enlarge

Either way. Some old photographs and new reasons to keep wandering.

Crops Of Small Spaces In The Studio






First Run


When we were promoting my first book senior year of college, Jess wrote some copy for a postcard I designed to send to independent bookstores across America. I think it ended up selling only ten copies to these random places.

The inclusion of the crop marks was one of those happy accidents that happen with unreliable printers. To this day, this is one of my favorite things (as I obviously still use the text for my own pursuits).

I lost the postcard long ago.

(It will be more apparent as to why I am posting this as the weekend progresses.)

TRL Fan Favorites in 1999

Bending Over Backwards

Bending Over Backwards · Click to Enlarge


Waiting · Click to Enlarge

The Fall

The Fall · Click to Enlarge

Between The Legs

Between The Legs · Click to Enlarge

Though sports journalism isn’t traditionally my thing, I could really get lost in this as a story. Hopefully soon something will come of it. These are a few from my recent night shooting a DOA Pro Wrestling event.

Your Money Won’t Make Us Care

Up front, it should be said I don’t hate Californians. I was a resident of San Francisco a few years ago and it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. A lot of people there became some of my favorite people ever. But this isn’t about those people. This is about this fucking guy:

This Guy

Fuck your umbrella, dude.

Let me tell you about this guy right here.

This guy is from California. Do I know this for sure? No, but it’s likely. Why? Wouldn’t, naturally, someone walking the streets of Portland, Oregon be from Portland, Oregon? Well, no. On one hand, none of us are. Or, very few of us are born and bred in Oregon.1 Which is what makes this town so special; people gravitate to it from all over because of what it is.

Those of us who don’t admire capitalism or the American Dream as they are traditionally held next to God in the Pledge of Allegiance end up in Portland. We can work part time and get by and have decent lives because our economy is small and labor-focused. There are still issues with gentrification and taxes for sure, but there isn’t an overlordish aristocracy skyrocketing rents into prices untenable for honest labor.

And we can walk around in a light drizzle without an umbrella. Because we care about the city and we like the weather.

Never Trust A Capitalist

Money goes to areas where it is not but because of this Portland is ripe for a financial takeover.2 And what follows money are people who only care about it and those people are assholes and that’s why Portland should think twice about it’s business-friendly (and mostly disappointing) new mayor in Charlie Hales. Portland works hard to keep its own economy local.

But some people see “local” and “service industry economy” and think, “Ripe for franchise.” And the people in Portland hear the word franchise and think, “A way to systematically murder unique geographically notional matters of culture and humanity through robotic corporate control and barely afforded standards from a place completely not Portland.”

Does this guy consider how locally-sourced Portland’s infrastructure is on his Blackberry? No. And that’s the problem. People who live in this town care about Portland. People who live in places for the economics care about money. This will come to a disastrous front when they move here and are met with sticks and stones. Because, another thing, is that people in Portland have no problem breaking shit when it comes to the moneyed and corrupt.

So take the tie you bought at Macy’s in Union Square and hang yourself with it. Fall on your umbrella. If you like money, move to somewhere else. I hear Seattle is still nice, or something. But Californians have already ruined the culture of the arts district in Los Angeles and any/all of the Bay outside of Oakland with their money, and so they can kindly keep it to themselves and/or go fuck themselves with it before bringing it here and ruining what’s happening in Portland, thank you very much.

Fucking walking with an umbrella in a light rain. I hope he steps in a fucking puddle.

  • While most of the better people I know in Portland come from one of two places (the Pacific Northwest / Alaska, or the Midwest), not many are actually from here.
  • I’ve talked about this. Recently.

The Indignant Nature of Public Domain

Walking By

Walking By · Click to Enlarge

Jesus Saves

Jesus Christ Died For Your Sins · Click to Enlarge


Danger From Above

Brenton Salo

Brenton Salo · Click to Enlarge

I’ve been angrily photographing things lately. The technology of perfection—the hi-def nature of in-app adjustments for photo saturation and Make it look like a TV commercial psychology—is about all I’ve focused on. Most of my work has been pushing back against these concepts, and I’m trying to use the Leica in that regard now as well.

Spoiler Alert

I have a painting in next month’s show at Verum Ultimum, which I am pretty stoked about. What I wasn’t stoked about was the need to write a brief artist statement to attach with my submission to the show.

I can talk art theory up, down and sideways; every now and again I get half a chance to discuss light and space theory for a minute and it generally energizes me for the rest of the day. But artist statements never sit well with me. It’s like when a songwriter explains a song that used to be sentimental and now is just apparently a lie—there’s something inherently untrue about the reality of an artwork. Art needs a relationship with an audience in order to hold relevance, and to break that down defeats the purpose.

This isn’t to say that artists should be allowed to hide behind that premise as an excuse to create art devoid of concept or be free of critique because of it. However, in the invention of language there needs to be an inherent trust in the foundation of that method of communication (which, in art, is a recipe for an infraction).

But like movie trailers and 30-second previews of songs on iTunes, the suggested and piecemeal approach to art these days is to have it be more considered as an aspect of a lifestyle (fitting, subdued) than an actual cultural affront or participation in relevance. Anonymity is going to take a big turn in the art world I’d assume somewhat soon; it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out in a culture looking to propagate ideas free of authorship.

(Which is all a giant tangent from the core of explanation, in that, ideas should simply be free to take place and roam as they see fit, and a lack of definition is sometimes the exact thing that gives it meaning.)

Not Safe For Mornings (For Most)

Uh, okay life. Game, set, match.

For one thing, it’s fucking awesome to wake up and see that Youth Code (along with MOCAtv) released a fantastic fucking video for what inevitably will be one of my favorite songs of the year. I’ve been listening to “Consuming Guilt” on repeat ever since it debuted on Pitchfork, and now with the NSFW new clip, the ex-Carry On act is showing some serious potential.

(Not to mention the anti-animal testing comes off as effective protest here with the form the video takes, as opposed to just being a PETA ad.)

danl145 [7:49]: Jeez this is fucked lol
Colin Smith [7:50]: this song i listen to on repeat while i paint
danl145 [7:50]: Hahahaha
danl145 [7:50]: That explains so much

And then it’s just like, adding a cherry to the cake of rebellion is the new and ban-worthy clip from DOOKOOM, and reading that interview over on Noisey will give a good feeling as to why the music just sounds so fucking … authentic.

I’ve never been a fan of electronic music, but the influence it leaves in punk and hip hop has been staggeringly effective lately. I’d imagine the next Nirvana type act comes from this realm. Maybe they’ll lead the charge to storm the barricades, who knows.