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I am working and studying my craft while traveling outside of America for the foreseeable future / these various adventures can be followed on the blog+via Instagram.

The galleries, accessible by the Nav menu at left, are sorted by medium and project. Additional information can be found on all pages via the More panel at right. While Volume 3 will be the last major release until a new studio space is found somewhere in the world, galleries will continue to rotate work and minor projects in sound, photography and design will be updated along the way.

Thanks for your time+good luck out there—

Gallery Updates

First Friday

the Inner South-East First Friday Art Walk is a monthly artist-run showcase of talent in Portland, Oregon, which I originally helped fascilitate and still do promotional material for. This gallery features various posters for the shows.


A gallery of international photography shot on a smartphone. Updated in May 2019 with images made between 2015 and the present day.

Year-End Blowout

Featuring various visual artworks from 2018 which were made as pieces independent of any series or ongoing theme.


Painting in Amsterdam, 2018

Hi. I’m Colin.

Originally from Alaska, I have spent much of my adult life exploring the world with a pen and a camera. I am currently continuing these exploits working and studying in Europe. You can follow along @aglowinthestatic or on the blog; otherwise, feel free to browse the galleries & thank you for visiting.

Artist Statement

I create works of assembly. By utilizing a variety of disparate components in any given medium and constructing a cohesive whole, I look to mimic the disorder and confusion our conflicted, human lives end up creating naturally through our linear experience with time. My focus is not to communicate through any single process but rather create works that, while varied in medium, remain consistent in aesthetic mood; a multi-sensory language that transcends medium.

Site Information

Distorted Perspective was registered on 5 January 1999. While it has served a variety of looks and purposes over its 20-year history, I consider it the digital extension of a real-world exploration of art.

(as is with that analogue world, communication methods are often inconsistent—thus on this site the various texts may be grammatically or structurally incorrect in terms of punctuation or capitalization. this is an intentional choice based in media&linguistic studies to have some words and sentences be more representative than literal, more personal than professional)

This site is primarily hand-coded and custom built—the current iteration utilizes the Skeleton and Pikabu responsive frameworks for a foundation of a custom WordPress theme for publishing & management.


Distorted Perspective is typeset in Neue Haas Grotesk by Christian Swartz and Poynter Oldstyle Display by Font Bureau.

All original content © to Colin Smith, 1999-2019. Please do not republish without linking back. Thank you for your time.