On Erasing de Kooning

Dear SF Tech Startups

This is how you truly disrupt things. Fucking awesome.

A San Francisco biotech startup has managed to 3 D print fake rhino horns that carry the same genetic fingerprint as the actual horn. It plans to flood Chinese market with these cheap horns to curb poaching.

This is how to take technology and fix the problems of the old world. Fuck with markets, don’t endorse them (i.e., every capitalist currently in the bay).

The Best Revenge


Self-Portrait of the Artist (or Something)

Six months of hard work, and then an unknown future of traveling the world. Fuck a nine to five, fuck a 401k or a future. Live and then die.


Among the confused and depressing semi-updates that littered the internet last night regarding the tragic murders in Charleston, I saw a few tweets wondering if the media would label this as domestic terrorism since the shooter was white.

This is an unfortunate reality of our time.

But really, how fucked up is it that we are looking to label things as terrorism? This is sort of the reverse psychology that would make complete sense from a government propaganda standpoint: label some crime as terrorism when it doesn’t apply, and then when another class is victimized, they ask to be labeled as victims of terror.

This perpetuates more the fear psychology of America than it does help our issues with crime and socioeconomic disparity, which is why I can completely see the media (and, to be honest, the government) behind a talking points style distribution of how to best categorize crime.

One Take

While I am working on actual prepared compositions, this live cut from tonight I tend to enjoy. Conet Project sounds make an appearance (playing through my iPhone speaker in to the pickup).

Something Brewing

I’m knee deep in a ton of work, including a variety of essays, the latest of which I am trying to put together has to deal with the fact that people are calling the decline of the Gap something culturally significant and not just the ebb and flow of trend-capitalism paralleled with the idiot notion that Andre Igoudala deserved the MVP for the NBA Finals.

There’s something distinctly American where we don’t give an award recognizing value to a player who—by every critical account possible—did more transcendent play in basketball the past week but ended up losing because half the team he played for was hurt.

As per shitty clothing lines with a history of human rights abuses going out of business, I don’t give a shit if it was cool in the 80s; so were the idiot haircuts that keep taking up space these days.

Reblogging by Association

While I run the Smith Davis Tumblr, that’s mostly so I can keep track of what is going on in social media. I don’t really get in to the Tumblr scene, nor do I care about it.

What I do find fascinating, though, is how we’ve been experiencing blogging long enough—Distorted Perspective was founded around the same time blogging became a word and a site with Blogger.com—to have sort of associative social groups begin to be common place.

You can basically tell a type of person by what they reblog; young feminists and Kristin Schall Daily Show gifs, kids in to ‘fashion’ that really just post photos of A$AP Rocky … the point being, there’s a select group of 20- and 30-somethings that are becoming sort of figureheads for yet undefined but bourgeoning social groups in the face of new mass communication.

This is why I’ve sort of quit it with blogging in terms of political or social commentary, at least in any sort of non-radical sense, because let’s face it: if you aren’t watching John Oliver videos by now, me posting them isn’t going to do shit.

In fact, most of the internet is pretty worthless in that regard. For many years I kept this blog pretty acutely in tune with politics until there were hundreds of political blogs popping up; the next was design, and now just culture as a whole. Where I’ll take it from here, I have some ideas about, but the internet as it is?

The kids can have it.



Socialism Is Not A Dirty Word


Not too long ago, I decided to sell most of my possessions and by way of artist residencies and transitional labor, travel the world and sort of live on the road for a couple years. Due to logistics, this won’t happen for a few months, but I hope to be out of America by 2016.

It’s a pretty substantial risk, and basically guarantees that I will not be enjoying a traditional career and its benefits in my life. I’m checking out of the system. No more 401ks or 9 to 5s, ever. DIY or die.

So, it kind of bums me out that this concept is now a front-page story for rich assholes. Like, good job dude, I am sure that making your way in the world is pretty tough when you can just stay at Sixty LES in Manhattan as a ‘downgrade.’

This sort of attitude, that real life can be experienced after you buy in to the system, is the fabrication capitalism holds on to. One guy decides to not spend millions of dollars on a mid-life crisis and it’s considered revelatory that he wants to “experience the meaningful things in life” while the systems he has endorsed for 40 years likely oppress the fuck out of other people’s meaningful experiences.

We need to stop lauding the rich as if their ideas are any good, or original, just because they can afford to see things done in a way that The New York Times can put on the front page. Fucking assholes.