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Five Days in Spain

when visiting Morocco in 2014, I scheduled my flights to have a slight buffer in-between in case of international delays. as a result, I ended up with some time to kill in Madrid. I spent the time mostly wandering the city by foot, finding shade where I could—this was as the height of summer was beginning—and taking photographs along the way.

The result is a black-and-white film collection from four days in Madrid—and a day trip to Toledo. take a look here

Recent Work

this series is about how each person creates a different impression on one another during whatever time they spend together and under whatever circumstances may arise; that our total selves are a construction of many points of interaction, yet each singular path has its own radical definition and consequence to the whole

see its initial release here

inspired by an old interview with Gerhard Richter, this exercise was an examintion in minor differences and analyzing the approach to producing a product as close to identical as possible. 12 almost-the-same, painted black rectangles on paper as a series. The results can be seen here.

closeness is an evolving concept in the age of the internet, where tangible space is compromised and our notion of proximity becomes a scale based on the immediacy of appreciation for a social media post instead of how many miles may separate two people

the Valence series continues with these three pieces; read about the full project here.

My first project of 2019: A full-length album / sound art piece about relating to this world in all of its states and forms; internal and external, physical and projected alike.

Available for streaming and purchase at Bandcamp

An ongoing series of cameraphone-based images taken on the fly, featuring both daily life and international travel, the nature of the moment from the mundane to the magnificent

This gallery has been updated as of January 2019; see the current features here

Works (soon) Available for Purchase

A 160-page book printed as an edition of 100, where each copy has been individually manipulated to create minor differences between each piece within the whole; more information can be found here

A book featuring work from various photography-based projects between 2015-2017 combined with edited personal writings from that time; read more

An original painting from the Echoes series, this is acrylic color and Japanese ink on Stonehenge ultra-white paper

The centerpiece from the series Standing Still In A Storm, this is hand-painted black gesso on ultra-white Stonehenge paper

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General Information


Working in Amsterdam, 2018

Colin Smith is a wandering multidisciplinary artist & designer. Originally hailing from Fairbanks, Alaska, he has lived across eight states in ten American cities, including an undergraduate degree in graphic design at SCAD and postgraduate studies in photojournalism at Boston University. Recently he has been working and studying in Amsterdam, Zagreb, Paris and the south of France.

Artist Statement

I create works of assembly. By utilizing a variety of disparate components in any given medium and constructing a cohesive whole, I look to mimic the disorder and confusion our conflicted, human lives end up creating naturally through our linear experience with time. My focus is not to communicate through any single process but rather craft a language that translates across multiple mediums; a message that resonates by any means of interaction.

Site Information

Distorted Perspective was registered on 5 January 1999. While it has served a variety of looks and purposes over its 20-year history, it has consistently been the digital extention of a real-world existence.

(as is with that analogue world, communication methods are often inconsistent—thus on this site the various texts may be grammatically or structurally incorrect in terms of punctuation or capitalization. this is an intentional choice based in media&linguistic studies to have some words and sentences be more representative than literal, more personal than professional)

This site is primarily hand-coded and custom built—the current iteration utilizes the Skeleton and Pikabu responsive frameworks for a foundation of a custom WordPress theme for publishing & management.


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