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Day 29

drawing pages and pages of icons, creating brand style guides, doing general things that agencies use months and charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for in the span of hours over days for the roof over my head and the food on my plate. i must admit i love the workaway program for its hardly subtle subversion of capitalism.

also i enjoy doing things that people charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for over the course of a weekend because these people are idiots and grifters. take the media budget away from nike and you won’t have much left over. anyone who works in advertising is a coward.

01:00 / 15 May 2019
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Real Dumb

an ad for the Google Cloud shows hip young technocrats working in a very manual-technology environment: typewriters, analog switches, tape on a reel. It’s a slick commercial and probably headed by a well-respected ad agency.

it strikes me that Google has a strange relationship with this old technology: it is needed to represent the diversity of what the cloud can do. The utility of real machines is now as avatars to represent their virtual function in advertising campaigns.

15:15 / 30 March 2019
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bitter words

on the TV listings for a visited set, Punk: A Revolution In Four Parts. punk wasn’t really a revolution, though. neither were the Beatles. paradigm shifts in arts and culture, perhaps, but no revolution. except, perhaps, in the marketplace.

this is a great victory of capitalism: the appropriation of language with actual meaning into being used as market-based metaphors. I saw this in the corporate world plenty, with company-wide e-mails about being In The Trenches sent out; corporate drones seeing themselves as soldiers in literally the least battle-like situation imaginable.

using art for advertising, linguistics for marketing; it’s all an unending battle between the truth of our humanity and those that would purge it to make a dollar.

15:00 / 10 March 2019
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The Cruel Abandon of Time I&II

month 2 of 12 year 2019: go

been working on a variety of things, leading toward a new upcoming gallery of year-end miscellany. with a new book&a paper project in the works, some more formal concepts will be soon released. —perhaps new music—for now just fun&experimentation.

the only relevant thing to me about this superbowl is that the ‘new’ big lebowski material is a fucking advertisment and i was right to not get my hopes up. unreal. if every aspect of our culture is just going to ends up as a means to sell something else, we’re just up and deciding american art means nothing outside the vantage point of consumption.

i somehow slept on the last loma prieta album. damn. this is the good stuff. crazy optics, too.

15:00 / 3 February 2019
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Very Un-Dude

There’s a clip floating around of Jeff Bridges reprising his role as The Dude for an unspecified ad to run on Super Bowl Sunday. If this is, indeed, a promotion for a sequel to The Big Lebowski, color me stoked.

However, if it’s in the vein of Honda and Google making ‘sequels’ to beloved movies (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Home Alone, respectively) then all I can say is Fuck off and die everyone. Reboots and sequels for entertainment from the 80s and 90s are bad enough; must advertising agencies tarnish the memories of these great works for some cash grab disguised as sentiment?

I’ll wait until game day for the reveal but this smells like capitalism/bullshit to me.

15:30 / 24 January 2019
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Ordinary Intersections

I forgot my headphones today. A full day of work at the library and coffee shop planned and I fucking forgot headphones.

Headphones provide a strange type of alienation from the world: self-imposed. A cue to the world—a visual Away MessageI’m not available right now. More than that, since the iPod’s first campaign through the modern Beats ads, they’re somewhat of a status symbol (no matter how dumb that status looks).

I try and be pretty aware of their use. I don’t understand wearing headphones absent-mindedly on walks. The sonic experience of both nature and the city can be equally enthralling.1 I also don’t get why people wear headphones when they drive, because of, well, you know. Safety concerns and all.

But a modern coffee shop is practically intolerable without some noise. It’s impossible to walk through a crowded cafe in America and find any square footage where you can’t hear some of the most inane bullshit you’re likely to experience all day.2 So tepid are Americans to discuss the society of our day that I’ve had art censored from cafés in Portland (of all places) due to their political nature. Some respond by talking about things out of their control—sports teams, the weather—and the response for me is to listen to something chaotic.

(The library is almost the complete opposite; the stunning silence almost begs for preferential sound to allow for focus, a way to keep the brain on a cycle while dealing with information and research and workflow. I can barely focus on the fact I’m having trouble maintaining focus on anything. A rather idyllic First World Problem, I know, but it’s these little inconveniences that can seriously fuck up the day’s output.)

  • It wasn’t too long ago when Being Present was the hipster fashion phrase of the moment; how anyone could reasonably say they were aware of the ‘moment’ while wired into social media, the internet, music, podcasts, etc., is beyond me.
  • Long gone are the days of Les Deux Magots. Let’s face it: most conversations people have are, at best, barely tolerable to those involved. Nobody here is solving world hunger; most of the time they’re just deciding what to get for lunch. Business owners may not want to risk conversation that could be ‘offensive’ to customers, but that just further proves the influence of commerce outweighs any sense of sociopolitical self-preservation we have as a culture in America.

13:00 / 10 January 2019
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Clear History

(even though this web site has operated with a blog—in some form or another—since 1999, it has undergone semi-annual design changes and annual database dumps throughout the years. thus, the "Archive" is actually only evidence of what has not yet been deleted.)