Modern Gods

Organized religion is probably up there with capitalism in terms of systems I despise, but this visit by the pope is thrilling in the same way the Republican presidential nomination contest is: for once, there’s some honesty in the discourse.

Pope Francis is widely appealing due to his humanist nature. However the title of pope almost gives him an immunity from the traditional form of debate, because so few people get an audience with the pope. He can address elephants that few others can afford to.

Equally, Donald Trump’s self-funded presidential campaign is a nightmare of policy, but he isn’t being held to the accountability of shady, back room super PAC deals that the rest of the lineup is. And while he may be a lunatic, racist and misogynist, at the end of the day he’s the only GOP candidate actually trustworthy because of this. (Bernie Sanders gets a similar place on the left for actually standing for his values as opposed to poll results.)

As America crumbles, it’s fascinating to see the rapid embrace of just about any process or discussion that exploits the destructive and oppressive forces of capitalism. Your average person may not know exactly why Trump is so appealing or the pope is so resonant, but that’s because we’ve been told to not discuss money or it’s effects since childhood.

This period of time we’re enjoying is the result of that lack.