it was worth a shot


sunrise in port townsend

this is my second trip into the Puget Sound in as many months. the waves push through the crowds, unconcerned with their own potential. the ferry comes and goes.

i have been finding myself more and more drawn to places where ‘the world at large’ doesn’t exist—or, perhaps, is less prominent in. at this point, there are two paths for America: one where Bernie wins next year and a movement to take on the various crises of our time grows from it, or one where literally anyone else wins and the American experiment as a hellhole of late capitalist greed and terror continues to spiral toward a merciless end.

so i listen to the waves.

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it’s all just simple math

there is a very specific feeling of relief that only occurs after having a sense of anxiety while browsing a music library and needing something but you can’t just figure out what and hitting play on Jawbreaker’s Dear You and suddenly everything makes sense

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