Open Waters

While still hard at work on a full-length, this came up under the umbrella of b-sides that are being forged from the various riffs and exercises composing is taking me through. Featuring some dialogue from The Master.

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The Shape Of Punk To Come

I have a new visual art project in the works. A six piece preview of Time Is A Maze are on display through the month at the iDoc Gallery, 640 SE Stark Street in Portland.

(Thanks to all who showed up for the debut on First Friday)

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The Eternal Question

One of my favorite classes in college was a philosophy of art class. Classes primarily consisted of sitting around and subjectively debating various aspects of art theory. The recurring question was always the most fundamental: What is art?

The great and maddening aspect of art is that it may be a word without definition—which, in and of itself, is a pretty fucking cool concept. If it is the product of human creativity, then is napalm art? A Predator drone? The atomic bomb? (Some would say yes to all of this.)

Every definition of art can be endlessly debated in college courses, while every now and again a piece comes along that grabs the attention of the public, challenging the notion of art in the mainstream. Yet while all of this is conceptual fun and game, a far more nefarious social proposal is entering the debate: that art is, above all, a market.
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What We Can Make With Space


Marcos & the shop as a reading room

We’ve been doing this a year and I just now realized there’s an entire website for First Friday events. Amazing.

Regardless, another month passes and somehow a single night remains to prove life has much to offer. These shows have become almost reliably amazing, and this was no different. Some documentation follows; there’s more out there.
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Cruel Pigs

Impromptu wall art “Cruel Pigs” at First Friday

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A Different Kind of Challenging

There’s an ongoing, interesting debate as to whether video games are high art—or art at all.

I’ll agree video games are a great metaphor for the millennial generation; a designed medium that gives just enough opportunity for customization that the player feels in control of their own destiny. Yet, in all reality there is no creativity or improvisation; there are checkpoints of progress, levels, bosses, and designated tasks. The environment is merely complex enough to allow for an exponential amount of ways to distract from the truth you are a slave to the system.1 While video games may be challenging, they’re so only in forms of logic and problem-solving.
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Welcome to Distorted Perspective. A brief introduction—

—Colin Smith. Born 1982. Some punk rock kid turned multidisciplinary artist & graphic designer-type. An Alaskan in Oregon by way of New England, Georgia, Texas and California looking for hope in the wind. Working in the various languages of truth, systems and identity.

I create works of assembly. Taking a variety of disparate components in any given medium and attempting to build a cohesive whole, I look to mimic the disorder and confusion our conflicted, human lives end up creating naturally through time. My focus is not to communicate through any single process but rather create a language that translates across aesthetic approach; a message that resonates by any means of interaction.


E-Mail: colin at distorted perspective
Instagram: @aglowinthestatic,


Distorted Perspective was registered in 1999; it has taken many forms since. Work from the project galleries is 2009-2017. All original content is © to Colin Smith. Please link back to work featured on blogs; contact for any other rights to republication.

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