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Inventing The First Time Machine

I’ll have copies of my new project, a zine (and prologue of sorts to my next book) titled Inventing the First Time Machine at the First Friday December show at The Warehouse. Information and contents of the book will debut with the new Distorted Perspective website, set to launch January 1.

Posted to Art at 21:41 on 18 November 2017

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Excuse the mess

While preparing for a full launch in 2018, the site is currently being re-built on both the front- and back-end. Until the new year, various sections will begin to appear and details will be refined day-to-day. Nothing public should be too out of whack, so if something looks off feel free to contact about it.

Thanks for your patience; the blog will be updated as well as expanded in terms of archive recovery. In the meantime you can also follow on IG.