Mid-day, after walking a superb amount around various parts of Berlin, and finding myself in a single-room bookshop focused on art+design. Various publications catch my eye; theory-based, assembled-essay editions on designing for the ‘real world’ and other thinly-veiled ‘oh fuck fascism is returning’ commentaries on The General State Of Things. It strikes me that for years now, that’s all I’ve seen. There’s no real plan for the future, no real anything.

The entire conceptual and theoretical basis for art and design is stuck in this meta-commentary because it cant loose itself from capitalism, so going forward from now and looking to the future is impossible without an admission of greed. The art world would have to detach itself from neoliberalist attitudes for that to happen—something that is ironically far easier for art than it is design, since most of design hinges on the advertising budgets of Fortune 500 companies.

I will never understand how so many spineless people make it in the creative industry. I guess once the word industry gets involved these days, nothing much matters anyway.

Revisionist History

soon:more info, pre-orders, previews, etc etc. for now the cover, my god i love paris and i am so glad this photo came out

this spot is literally my favorite place in the entire world. base of the seine adjacent to bastille, late spring, mid-afternoon. when i die let it be here

(this is a calm before the storm piece for a number for reasons, nevertheless)


I’ll be playing semi-improvised piano arrangements over Okonomiyaki I-VI on Thursday; will be trying to livestream it&my presentation regarding art and life


i miss this