The End of A Line

I keep ill-advisedly reading the news and the my brain immediately envisions Donald Trump sitting atop the highest part of a castle pouring gasoline on everyone and everything as the world just beyond the moat continues to burn. (This is unfortunately literal.) Between Jerusalem, endorsing pedophiles, collusion, obstruction of justice, this kill-the-poor tax bill and Ajit Pai, reality doesn’t seem real anymore. Powerful corruption is forgiven with inaction. The American technocrat class continues to idly support complicity while the youth go crazy and farmers kill themselves.

The truly terrifying part of this age is that historically, horrific events catch the world off guard. We are in an age of new technology where the threat of something never-before-seen and totally-fucking-terrifying is very, very present. It’s bad enough we’re entrenched in global class war; the different ways this can play out are beyond any imaginable scope of fear.

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God Save The Queen

I’m just here to chime in about the Royal Wedding.

… and how abhorrent it is that this will be a stunningly expensive affair that will undoubtedly be a constant news story until it happens. Meanwhile, looking to save £5,000, Britain’s “high society” types decided it was worth the risk for an incident like 71 people—families, women and kids—to burn alive.

(I’d never outright say that if Grenfell Tower had been a private, multi-billion dollar apartment complex and not public housing they may have used fire-resistant walls, because that would just be outrageous, but somehow I doubt Harry and Megan are going to have to worry about anywhere they choose to live being engulfed by flames.)

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Excuse the mess

While preparing for a full launch in 2018, the site is currently being re-built on both the front- and back-end. Until the new year, various sections will begin to appear and details will be refined day-to-day. Nothing public should be too out of whack, so if something looks off feel free to contact about it.

Thanks for your patience; the blog will be updated as well as expanded in terms of archive recovery. In the meantime you can also follow on IG.