There are many ideas regarding the purpose of government. As we’re all stuck on this planet together, I try to view the state as an opportunity for help. The many helping the individual: putting out fires, assisting in accidents, assuring that basic needs—food, shelter, water—are fulfilled.

This is why I’m so torn regarding LeBron James’ foray into education. He has done, with individual resources accumulated in a relatively short time-span, what entire political districts could not in creating this public school of opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful school by all accounts; I just believe the action itself is reminiscent of a benevolent King.

In this day and age, if our government cannot provide water—if our celebrity basketball players are funding education—we are ruined. And yes, certainly in certain arenas where the system of capital is spinning the fastest, social resources exist. Yet not outside of them. From Forbes:

Like most of my neighbors I have a good job in the private sector. Ask my neighbors about the cost of the welfare programs they enjoy and you will be greeted by baffled stares. All that we have is “earned” and we perceive no need for government support. Nevertheless, taxpayers fund our retirement saving, health insurance, primary, secondary, and advanced education, daycare, commuter costs, and even our mortgages at a staggering public cost. Socialism for white people is all-enveloping, benevolent, invisible, and insulated by the nasty, deceptive notion that we have earned our benefits by our own hand.

It should not fall to men like James to build schools. LeBron did everything right: it’s a public school, it has ample resources that kids and teachers actually need, and it’s in an area that needs just that. Yet the fact our government—the one that affords him such luxury for playing a game—sees teachers nationwide striking in the streets and the people seem OK with that … there are no words for this sort of grotesque selfishness.

There’s a Jay-Z lyric that goes, “And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them / so I got rich and gave back / to me that’s the win-win.” This is such a depressing concept because the idea of helping the poor is exactly what a massive, rich state would be perfect for. Yet the predominantly white middle class believes what little they have is truly earned, and that the American government is better off intact as is than potentially something radical and new.

We know who the cowards are, here.


09:30 / 31 August 2018
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