Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon

California is still on fire but people still debate whether or not the president is a racist. Even at the beach, the present shortcomings of America never leave my mind. To even consider the reality of our country is to be overwhelmed by it, but there aren’t many places left in this land it can be ignored.

The Pacific Ocean is a remarkable force—as Route 26 rolls over the various hills en route, it takes a minute to realize how far away the beach actually is. The coastline appears so expansive and all-encompassing, the actual shore presents itself with miles to go before arrival.

Daily life will continue, no matter what. Ultimately, movement is allowed to occur by whoever is holding the guns. It’s as tragic as it is consistent throughout history, and at this point no circumstance of absurd abuse of power should surprise anyone.

Talkin’ Shit About A Pretty Sunset

10:30 / 14 August 2018
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I get dizzy pretty easily. You won’t find me on one of those playground spinning circles or in just about any theme park-type ride. I won’t play drinking games that require spinning around a baseball bat in someone’s backyard. I can keep my cool through such things, but trying to stop and re-adjust to a reality of moving straight forward always makes me nauseous.

It’s another miserably hot summer. There are plenty of anecdotes and reports and opinions out about climate change, but these are just three from this week. My question is, what makes anyone think we’re going to work to deal with climate change in a necessary way? People still use Facebook despite everything—you’ll be hard-pressed to find people willing to give up gasoline.

The air is too thick to think in and walking even feels like a chore, and I just stopped moving for the first time in nearly four months and I’m looking around at America and I can’t stop feeling sick.


15:30 / 7 August 2018
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