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Day 63

—a day of creation, of meditation, stretching between the hours, trying to practice patience, getting new ideas into old habits—

23:30 / 17 June 2019
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Day 54

it’s one of those days. i brought everything to the almost-finished workspace above the cafe, sat looking out the window. soaking in the fresh air. i wrote “Mary.” recorded it, and that was that.

Season 4, Episode 7, The Suitcase

Part of this emptiness has to do with the fact that there appears no reason to create anymore; any and all beneficiaries of art that has ‘longevity’ are the types that are insulating themselves from any coming problem by way of wealth. (these are very much so the people that do not deserve to be exposed to anything artistic or inspired in the least.)

move forward for the sake of those who are grasped to your elbow, your knees, and bring them forth; i don’t know what to think of The Art World and those who subscribe to such things, other than perhaps if they were all on a ship at sea it wouldn’t be a bad day to sit and have a glass of wine and watch it sink.

00:00 / 9 June 2019
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The men in this town are a stubborn tradition
Stone walls, aged like whisky
forgot until a purpose returns–
to serve–

a high tide in a strong wind
one last fight over one more sin
o how we age
& how we still yearn

Mary was left with an empty bottle and two kids
it was her, or the war, no way to know now;
just questionable excuses from lands
she never knew but
had seen their horror in his face on the way out

Now the battle she fights is for her belief in
what’s right but an
Executive from New York disagrees
because, “This world is profit and
power and markets and other lies of
America’s dream”

and the news just repeats Brexit like
Germans never said Fascist
A rebrand of the Tax Man Collecting
Not for the state but for private banks
for trust funds and profitable elections

and back in the U.S. of A. all the Presidents pigs
freely and armed to the teeth walk the streets
killing kids
in Chicago and all through the south (
and there is no consequence for their victims aren’t rich,
white-skinned or influential )

These children are dying in cages
but Mary is worried about pavement
and the woods where her two young ones
can still hope and play

Now that it’s all she has left
how could anyone expect her to
worry about the rest of the world

That’s how they keep winning;
these rich men and their bleating
about God and National Pride;
they are modern pillagers
buying up villages
outsourcing violence
to the highest bidders
in case someone dares to cry,

“Capitalism is organized crime.”

But this world don’t know justice;
just prisons and corruption and tours of the
Palace Versaille

So I take Mary’s hand and we look out over the land as
we share a bottle of cheap wine
A storm in the distance is coming in quick Mary is
laughing while she cries
She makes fun of my accent, watches her kids,
sips in sadness
and quietly admits,
“ Soon
we’re all going to die.”

i’ll be entering this piece / performing it as part of the “Poetry and Politics” festival here on the 21st of June

18:30 / 8 June 2019
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mid-month Friday

not that anyone i know can make it to Ireland, but I’ll likely be doing a variety of live-streaming for this event as I did the last, debuting more material for my upcoming poetry&photography book Revisionist History—

05:00 / 8 June 2019
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Arson 1/1

(i have begun work on my next major project, in the vein of one of my favorite works—Wyndham Lewis’ Blast—to be released in late 2019)

12:00 / 5 June 2019
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i am working on a new book, which will collect poems&photographs made during this venture through Europe to be titled Revisionist History

i will be testing a few of them out on an audience tonight during a Last Friday poetry event at whiteRoom; will be showing one or two on ig live

12:00 / 31 May 2019
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Day 22

the work I’ve been doing while in Mallorca is various but mostly centered around a couple branding campaigns and a web re-design (to which I’ve learned how much of a bitch woocommerce really is). the branding stuff is coming together though, with logos for a yoga studio and an alternative therapy venture finalized;

I have no problem admitting that part of the reason I enjoy projects like this is because a lot of people, from former professors to contemporary peers, take a look at my work/approach/life and assume I’m some one-trick pony of needing pyrotechnic visuals and unable to do more standard, modern or traditional graphic design, and I like to prove them wrong. It isn’t that I’m unable to compete in traditional methods, it’s that they’re unable to compete with what I can do. I can design a logo rebrand and build a presentation for potential investors while composing abstract soundscapes and still have time left over to write about economics or philosophy.

(I’m a little bitter these days.)

I have been trying to get back in to Capital-A Art, but it seems in dire times, the idea of the Art World seems callous at best; popular entertainment is a farce and things like the Met Gala just make me want to vomit. That artists would embody opulence in times of inequality for the sake of historical significance seems rather shortsighted.

Still, I’m making plans.

22:30 / 7 May 2019
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structural work

(I’ve taken a more focused study toward my work these days, in that my goal is to have a collection that will translate as a language beyond medium. this affects all of my communication; my basic definition of how I write, text, speak and converse are all an aspect of this, and so No Two Posts Are Alike, and recent artist statements1 are not as consistent. in many ways I feel like i am re-learning how to talk, but teaching myself at the same time.)

21:00 / 31 March 2019
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Zen Exercises

(sharpie pens are my jam these days)

13:45 / 21 March 2019
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The Hits Keep Comin’

Cover for Okonomiyaki I-IV

(even with multiple new works & various portfolio updates at hand, before undertaking new tasks for The Summer Abroad, I have another April release with a new EP titled after the Japanese pancake; the first song is the third song on Four-Color Process and can be heard here / more info to come)

00:45 / 20 March 2019
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Clear History

(even though this web site has operated with a blog—in some form or another—since 1999, it has undergone semi-annual design changes and annual database dumps throughout the years. thus, the "Archive" is actually only evidence of what has not yet been deleted.)