Distorted Perspective

Revisionist History

preview spread of Revisionist History; photos from Berlin and Palma de Mallorca. book out in December, pre-orders begin soon.

Revisionist History

this is probably the first project i’ve been actively nervous about in some time. one of my goals is to push myself outside of my comfort zone artistically and so this will be a good start (provided i actually finish it this week)

there’s a type of Saturday Night that happens maybe two or three times a year, and those are the ones where a project is getting to the point where it’s complete enough that it suddenly looks completely underhanded and should probably be immediately deleted but for whatever reason you can’t hit the delete key and about an hour and a half goes by before you realize it’s past midnight and you’ve just been scrolling from the beginning of the document to the end staring and not changing a damn thing—

—but at the same time, there’s a great balance to that moment of realization in an admission of failure but an opportunity for improvement—


Berlin, 2019

the last of the film from Europe has been processed, projects moving forward

: this began as an experiment for the next okonomiyaki collection, but quickly became something else.

Set Up

god I missed this

new work soon. if it’s one thing i’ve missed about this place, it is the access to my supplies/studio space. this was the longest i’ve ever been on the road—and subsequently there were severe limitations on the what type of art i could make. it felt like being on a different world in that regard; adjusting to a completely new atmosphere, a new gravitational pull. re-learning how to breathe.

(now that i’m back i have to re-learn pacific standard time zone)