Palma Market Palma Market Palma Market Palma Market Palma Market

various photographs from the market in Palma; really digging the results of my 50mm Summicron Rigid.

—a distraught night, culminating in another dream whose intensity leaves me waking more exhausted than anything else. at multiple times I would confuse the passers-by, leaving the pubs, with someone in the house (of which, currently, there is no-one else). It’s a strange thing, how voices drift in and out of a half-conscious mind. Where they originate, how they are interpreted, if they’re really there at all.

This life I’ve come to lead, based in its temporary nature more than anything, remains incongruent with the rest. I never found comfort in long-standing communities—my nature always seemed to be too disruptive for most who were just content with life being a day-to-day thing, a repetition measured in 24-hour cycles. But now it would be the American tourists who would be seen as my contemporaries—a contingent I loathe. People who treat foreign cultural offerings like a purchasing list at a grocery store; certain places or meals just boxes to be ticked, hashtags to be posted.

the soft light of dawn has turned to the long shadows of sunrise, but I remain in bed. It’s what I’d do if I had anywhere to call home.