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the internet each day presents an endless supply of evidence of Things To Be Concerned About. stories about the Injustices of Our Own Making; wrongs that could be righted—wrongs that should never have occurred to begin with but are required to Keep The Wheel Spinning. The System Goes and Goes.

(today: the story of Ramsey Orta, who videotaped the infamous Eric Garner murder)

the world encourages us all not to pay it any mind, out of fear the weight of its brutality will shatter our individual lives and leave them to fade with time. these systems are all invented, their repercussions a mass of panic, sadness, the feeling of being trapped. none of this is human.

11:45 / 13 March 2019
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NCAA: “Fuck The Kids,” Literally

Like most American institutions, NCAA football is a pretty good showcase for how the influence of capital will always supersede any notion of human decency. Shit, this is an organization that has big-name teams pay out for wins. Which, in and of itself, is dumb for the sake of the game; but at least it isn’t anything serious. You know, like raping kids.

As the hoopla on any and all sports-related programming across any and all media outlets takes place for the College Football Championship, let’s all take a moment to remember how the NCAA rescinded all sanctions against Penn State for knowingly operating and supporting a program run by a child rapist.1 This was one year after the scandal—just long enough for public outrage to have run its course and the news to focus on the rapist running for President.

Every now and again I get shocked at things like the extent to which Americans will support sweatshop labor and gulags for kids but then I realize none of these children likely have a shot at a Nike endorsement and so of course the powers that be would consider them worthless.

  • That’s like a ten-page Wiki article that gets one paragraph about how the NCAA basically decided none of it matters. The lunacy in all this makes me sick.

18:00 / 7 January 2019
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