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The Cycle Continues

it used to be that the phrase Imagine Going Back In Time referred to things like showing a jet engine to a caveman; then it was an iPhone to someone in the ’20s. Then it’s something like Trump giving Tiger Woods the Medal of Freedom to someone from 10 years ago.

Now the curve of world-altering difference is nearly immediate. I lose the internet for 24 hours and women are basically illegal in The South1 and people who make their money being professionally outraged are complaining about the NBA lottery because of market share2 and the New York Times is headlining a war with Iran because the last time they started doing this ended so well.3

For being so dumbstruck by Trump during the 2016 election, the media has certainly adopted his full-throated, clickbait-motivated way of doing business. It’s like nobody really wanted to talk about what happened in 2016 because of the collusion between publishing news and advertising revenue, and so the root of the problem is still festering away. Everybody is still going crazy and each day that passes seems like the only way to not get consumed by rage is to ignore the news entirely. We’re all basically Bruce Willis at the end of Die Hard 3 trying to escape the flood.

  • I don’t care if it’s following Alyssa Milano or giving women bus tickets out of the south like they were homeless in San Francisco. This shit is abhorrent and something needs to be done, because pretty soon this will be at the Supreme Court and a couple rapists are going to tell women to fuck off once again.
  • Not that basketball or where Zion Williamson plays matters in the least compared to what else is going on in the world, however the discussions about him opting out of the NBA draft because he won’t play in a major market is yet more evidence that money ruins sports. These vultures who make money solely off of basketball care more about his TV time—not for him as a player, not the potential of the Pelicans with him and Anthony Davis, or aspiring professional athlete, but because of its potential advertising revenue were he to be in New York or Los Angeles—than they do the sport itself. These fucking people make me sick.
  • Ha ha just joking it never ended, fuck Judy Miller

09:00 / 16 May 2019
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Celine Dion Sings Love Songs While Our Cities Burn

Articles like this one trying to explain a century of culture war with only one sentence regarding class are so disheartening.1

The leftists resent their distractions from a class-based political agenda.

For one thing, all political agendas are class-based, and you’re an idiot if you think otherwise. The entire function of government is to consolidate and re-distribute resources for the hopeful betterment of society. Yet “class-based” is a really easy way of dismissing an entire swath of the critique on American—shit, global—politics without needing to actually discuss economics.

The entirety of this culture war is class-based, because the motivations of the wealthy and powerful are to keep the underclass divided, fighting over meager rations while hoarding most for themselves. This is, and has been, done in rather obvious ways: First is propagating racism and sexism because skin color and gender are the easiest and most immediate identifiers. Next is more personal, in things like sexual orientation and public appearance. Lastly would be the existential or ideological—which are much easier targets to hit the more available media consumption becomes.

Any biased -ism is learned through time, likely from childhood. But the roots of that discrimination is generally in power trying to maintain itself: slavery has always been the fuel for capitalism’s economic firepower. It still is.2 Racism may have been handed down for generations through the south, but it was so ardently defended because it was lucrative. The history of violence originated with one tribe fighting another: it evolved by the victor pushing how—and how much—they could profit from it.


The culture war escalated with each generation of media, and this is where McCarthy, Nixon, Reagan and subsequently Roger Ailes come in to play. The entire foundation of American mainstream culture in the era of electronic media was run through a society that leaned to the right. The left-versus-right dialogue evolved from an anti-communist era, where capitalism went unquestioned and, especially after ’87, ruled as the primary example of American Greatness. That narrative could be pushed because of the white men who owned—and still own—most broadcast information.

Culture was used as a tool to propagate singular ideas about America, ones that resonate with the current administration: White faces, white picket fences. All the meanwhile, white profits. The whitewashing of culture was key in continuing a psychology of division. This division continues today, as do the profits for a select few white individuals because of it.

Racism—well, any sort of discrimination—is as awful as it is ancient. Yet it is not impossible to overcome. People of different races co-exist in the upper class. Race is one of many differences between people used by those at the top tier to provide a channel for the anger and resentment the rest of us feel at the great, and obvious, inequality in global wealth.

The Surface

The reason social justice warriors are maligned is because they’re reactionaries who often only look at an immediate, surface-value issue and don’t offer any substantive content to the discourse. They’re good at writing headlines but not at 10,000-word investigative reporting.3 Of course they’ll get pissed off at this:

Gingrich is a politician but also a novelist. In his serialized historical fiction about the Civil War, Gingrich reimagines Robert E. Lee as an abolitionist. He now does so, in all seriousness, on The View, though he struggles to get the words out. “Are we going to say if you were somebody who thought Robert E. Lee was a decent person, which would be a high percentage of white Virginians … Now you’re going to say everybody in the South who thinks anybody is a reasonable person is, you know …”

Gingrich is a tool, but he’s no idiot. He’s provoking a reaction because he wants his name in articles like this. The more his name is out there, the better chance he has at selling books. That’s the motivation. Sales lead to profit lead to influence lead to power. It’s capitalism. It’s capitalism. It’s capitalism you fucking fucks.

  • ‘Disheartening’ being polite for ‘I just woke up and this has to be one of the laziest fucking takes I’ve read all day’
  • Are overworked, underpaid workers ‘slaves’? Not nearly as much as they were in the 1800s, or how much they are in foreign countries without labor laws. However if you not only can’t afford to live from your work and are constantly terrified by a profiteering healthcare system, economic injustice and its subsequent fears govern your life and reduce your ability to choose basically anything except for consumer purchases. Yes it’s a step above 40 lashes, but it’s also 150 years later.
  • Making them literally perfect for the clickbait/social media economy.

10:00 / 2 May 2019
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The Trail of The Dead

Front page of The New York Times website

it is absolutely wild there was a mass shooting on a school campus hours ago and it gets no mention above the fold on The New York Times. if there was ever an indication of the press and media not doing their job, it is this. Gun violence is far more dangerous to America and Americans than the Mueller Report, yet the willingness to under-report and lack a discourse after political failure is representative of a media organization concerned with selling advertisements more than channeling the social dialogue to topics of great national importance. NYT hopin’ for impeachment so they can vie for a Pulitzer. Disgusting.

I honestly wonder what the editorial board discussions are at this point for shootings. I would imagine it has to do with amount of victims and their ages. Two dead college kids doesn’t make the front page. Maybe if they were in high school, or if it set some record of a body count, it would be more important than the dumbass interests of the Democratic Party.

(meanwhile, republicans are gearing up for war. great.)

10:30 / 1 May 2019
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“scale rarely seen”

a US Coast Guard lieutenant was arrested for planned domestic attacks on left-leaning politicians and mainstream journalists. stories like this, sadly, can be expected at this point. (if not expected, then perhaps unsurprising if and when they do pop up.)

what got me about the article, though, was some phrasing:

Christopher Hasson intended “to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country”, according to a filing to federal court in Maryland. Law enforcement officers seized 15 guns and 1,000 rounds of ammunition from his home.

Gun Violence in America has reached the point of frequency where there are levels. the frequency of mass shootings is at a point we’re spending time sub-categorizing them instead of dealing with the problem.

“…scale rarely seen…”. unreal.

22:00 / 20 February 2019
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Hunting The Scapegoat

I am sick and tired of hearing about Russia. Yes, it’s probable that Russia tried to influence US voters in 2016; but it isn’t like the United States has no history in similar misdeeds. Yes, Trump and his cronies probably made tons of deals with various businessmen and politicians in and around the Kremlin. Imagine that: capitalists are corrupt.

What disturbs me is how obsessive the media—outside of Fox News—is about the whole thing. Even The New Yorker, usually not one to embrace the hype, is fully on-board with this horseshit.1

The thing is, Russia provides an out for these institutions. If Russia is somehow to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss, the narrative will support that as history. Without Russia as a scapegoat, all of these institutions might have to look elsewhere—say, the global capitalism that Clinton’s neoliberal agenda perpetuates and massive media conglomorates both believe in and need—to see why so many felt disenfranchised with the empty promises of the Democratic Party.

  • Granted, The New Yorker isn’t as obsessive, and their output is generally more on-point with what really matters. But it kills me to think Fox News is being in any sort responsible by not going all-in on this charade.

11:00 / 15 January 2019
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Clear History

(even though this web site has operated with a blog—in some form or another—since 1999, it has undergone semi-annual design changes and annual database dumps throughout the years. thus, the "Archive" is actually only evidence of what has not yet been deleted.)