Corporations and Compromises

American liberalism shouldn’t be considered a political stance. Like basically anyone who considers themselves a democrat but someone like Elizabeth Warren is ‘too progressive’ for them, that shouldn’t be considered a viable political ideology. These people are going to be the ones who in 30 years will look like Reagan supporters do now, so detached in their own moral superiority that they refuse to believe their position does any harm to the world and that United States imperialism is just ‘the way things are.’

(This is not to say Warren supporters get off the hook, either. She’s especially untrustworthy. It’s Bernie or bust and that’s that. Liberal America does more to help the right wing and capitalist enterprise than it does represent the people as a whole. By simply existing, the DNC does more to hurt America and the people living here than help it.)

posted at 12:00 on 23 November 2019 to Commentary

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