i’m building my first sculpture, well, ever, and it involves some metal birds so this song is big mood these days


I’ll be playing semi-improvised piano arrangements over Okonomiyaki I-VI on Thursday; will be trying to livestream it&my presentation regarding art and life

—i am working across continents with my friend Dan, who did guitar work on the last asterisk full-length, on an EP of acoustic tracks, hopefully to be out in the next month or so; most of these songs have been released in some form or another over the past year but this will put them all in one sound

better oblivion community center on repeat; interrupted occasionally by Bandana and Panorama, and finally getting in to Neil Young. all over the place with sound these days, and I miss my guitar.

what a crazy amazing family (liz is the niece of the late, great vic chesnutt) / this was wonderful as the credits rolled in Museum Hours