Wine and Moonlight Long Exposures

Selections from Peace & War

I have the most basic of tools with me; a few paints, a couple brushes, sketchbooks, cameras, notepads. Writing pop songs on borrowed miniature guitars and out-of-tune pianos, staying up late by starlight to experiment with long exposures and fire. It’s quite freeing.

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And The Chaos

There are many amazing aspects to travel. Sights, sounds, people, art … but I’ve always felt at home on the road because of its nature to turn at unexpected points. The unmitigated chaos of being constantly in motion creates a need to think and adapt constantly, something that I feel strangely comfortable dealing with. Right now, I am in the middle of one of these moments.

In researching my travel, each country said about the same thing: an American passport allows for up to 90 days of tourism within their borders. Spending four months in Europe didn’t seem to be a big deal because of this, since my planned route was going to take me to a variety of countries.

What I didn’t know of or anticipate was the Schengen agreement, which basically takes the 90-day agreement but applies it to a majority of Europe within the EU. This means I am allowed 90 days total in the European Union, not 90 days per country.

Because of this difference, I’m now on the hunt for places to go and jobs to work outside the Schengen borders; hostel work in Montenegro or farming in Ireland or a cheap stay in Tunisia. I have about 20 days to get a job, figure out how to get there and stay for long enough (about three weeks) just to come back to Europe and finish my working and wandering here.

This is the type of shit that probably would drive some people crazy, but the complex insanity involved, plus the fact I just have to fucking do it and deal, feels more natural to me than sitting behind a desk listening to a boss drone on ever did.

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Mountains Beyond Mountains

Mountains Beyond Mountains

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The Past Few

Hanging around

I have been ridiculously sick, but have been finding my way around nonetheless.
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A New Year

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For the summer of 2018, I'm working my way through various European cities and towns while practicing more traditional methods of painting. Hopefully I'll be online only to post various scribbles from the road here and at The Post-Local. New & featured projects will return to regular updates in the fall, presuming I return to the States.

Thanks & good luck out there.


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