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off to the presses

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i have been hard at work—thus the lack of updates—on Distorted Perspective vol. 3, which will be released in tandem with an audiobook companion piece, Four-Color Process, in one month (Apr 5, first friday)

more to come

09:30 / 6 March 2019
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What Are You Looking At?

scribe · 2019

(more new work i will get around to putting online. ingredients: black gesso on translucent drop cloth, rage. 36 inches square.)

08:30 / 21 February 2019
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Full Black

in Gerhard Richter Painting, an old interview from his time at university had him doing a series of large, gray canvases. He says something to the extent of, “I noticed I liked some more than others. I couldn’t explain why, but I did.”

so as an exercise I did a small-and-simple version, 12 blacked-out rectangles. the series can be seen at Next Comes The Flood

15:30 / 7 February 2019
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The Cruel Abandon of Time I&II

month 2 of 12 year 2019: go

been working on a variety of things, leading toward a new upcoming gallery of year-end miscellany. with a new book&a paper project in the works, some more formal concepts will be soon released. —perhaps new music—for now just fun&experimentation.

the only relevant thing to me about this superbowl is that the ‘new’ big lebowski material is a fucking advertisment and i was right to not get my hopes up. unreal. if every aspect of our culture is just going to ends up as a means to sell something else, we’re just up and deciding american art means nothing outside the vantage point of consumption.

i somehow slept on the last loma prieta album. damn. this is the good stuff. crazy optics, too.

15:00 / 3 February 2019
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“Crossing Paths” at First Friday · January 2019

i’ve always had a thing for observing how people change face depending on who they are around; acting or speaking differently depending on who is in the room and what conditions of authority apply. (obviously someone may act different around a boss or a cop—these days, what’s the difference?)

i guess this began in junior high when ‘clique’ behavior simultaneously disgusted and confused me—this has grown with me as adults behave the same way however tend to differentiate themselves by class and status-quo-based levels of ‘success’

this new series is about how each person creates a different impression on one another during whatever time they spend together and under whatever circumstances may arise; that our total selves are a construction of many points of interaction, yet each singular path has its own radical definition and consequence to the whole

see more at Crossing Paths

14:00 / 11 January 2019
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