Palma Market Palma Market Palma Market Palma Market Palma Market

various photographs from the market in Palma; really digging the results of my 50mm Summicron Rigid.


Pike Place · Seattle

I mailed home 20 rolls of film and a couple were processed and scanned and this was one of the first images I saw from the crop—from my last weeks between Portland and Seattle—and it reminds me so much of why I just keep going from place to place. The generalized insanity of self-indulgence during the end of the world ad nauseum is enough to make a person lose their mind.


—outside of sheep, the animals here are all pretty nice. although I don’t think Ireland has cats. I think I’ve seen one cat in the entire two months I’ve been here. Which is fine, I don’t really see many friendly horses when I’m wandering around in the States—

(images continued from Bantry Bay adventures)

Bantry Bay Bantry Bay Bantry Bay Bantry Bay
Casltetownbere Sky